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Junk hauling business discovers a treasure: RingCentral


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Feb 20, 2020

Have you ever had a room, garage, closet, or side yard piled so high with junk that you said to yourself, “I’d pay someone just to come and take this stuff away”?

Entrepreneur Al Noufaro realized that type of scenario might actually be pretty common (and present a lucrative market), especially considering the current trend toward decluttering. Marie Kondo, anyone?

Before he knew it—and before he’d done any real advertising—Al found his small staff overwhelmed with people calling from all over Toronto asking the company to haul away all types of junk from their homes and businesses.

Originally, Al had just went with the phone system from his local telecom provider. But he isn’t sure he would’ve been able to scale his operations quickly enough to meet the rapidly increasing demand—if he hadn’t discovered RingCentral.

ROI calculator

How to increase call bookings by 275%…

“I live by numbers and data,” Al explains – he has a background in digital strategy and online advertising. “And the data on RingCentral’s contribution to our company tells an amazing story.”

One of Al’s highest-priority success metrics is how often his sales team converts inbound prospect calls to bookings—and RingCentral has increased these conversions by 275%. “Before RingCentral, we were booking about 8% of our incoming calls. Now it’s more like 30%.”

Noufaro attributes much of the increase to a RingCentral voice prompt that plays every few seconds, letting prospects know the company values their call and will be with them soon.

He attributes much of this increase to a RingCentral voice prompt that plays every few seconds on a call, letting prospects know the company values them reaching out and will be with them soon.

“It might sound like a small thing,” he says. “But since we fired up that feature, we’ve noticed the average caller waits an additional 60 seconds—and that wait time gets them to a rep, which is why our phone-to-bookings rate has skyrocketed.”


Calling in a serious revenue boost

Al’s team uses a few other key RingCentral features too, such as allowing reps to make and receive business calls on their cell phones and easily integrating phone activity with the company’s project management app.

And all of these features led to Junk Chuckers moving the needle on another (very) important number. “Since we rolled out RingCentral, our revenue has more than doubled—it’s up 230%. We’ve reviewed all other factors to see what else might be responsible, and we’ve isolated RingCentral as the primary driver.”

“Switching to RingCentral from our local telecom service has improved our whole business.”


Check out the in-depth Junk Chuckers RingCentral case study to see how Al and his team are using RingCentral to serve their customers better and grow the business.

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