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John de los Reyes: chasing dreams and destinations

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Having spent six long years in a company is quite a feat, but being a consistent performer all throughout is another. Possible? Ask John from the RingCentral Manila Sales team. Asked why he chose RingCentral, John a.k.a. Bosco recalled how everything was just pure luck as he didn’t receive a callback from the first company he applied to. Looking back at what happened, he now rather wants to see it as destiny more than mere luck.

Secret to success

Motivation may vary depending on people’s backgrounds, values, and dreams. As for Bosco, it’s that strong desire to provide a good life for his family that has made him consistently on top over the years. In the past six years, Bosco has mastered the necessary skills to be good at what he does – communication, problem-solving, time management skills, etc. But above everything, goal setting is what made the difference for him. As a goal-driven person that he is, he always sets his eyes on the prize and does what’s necessary to get to the finish line, first place. And if you ever wonder if he has a secret mantra or technique in the way he lives his life, there seems to be none. He just spends his usual day just like everybody else does. He goes to work, plays mobile games, binge-watch series on Netflix with his wife, spends time on the NBA website, and browses Facebook. That pretty sums up a day in the life of this top performer. And if you find that too simple, then you should be thankful because that just means that anybody can achieve what he has achieved.

Rewarding experience

As a result of hard work and determination, Bosco has been to places he never thought he would visit. Being the top performer, he experienced being rewarded with trips to local destinations like Bohol, and foreign destinations like Mexico, Hawaii, and the Bahamas. These kinds of rewards make him more determined in what he does. Because of how RingCentral rewards its employees, Bosco has always been inspired to do better and to push further beating his goals day by day, month by month. Aside from travel incentives, Bosco also enjoys uncapped commission whenever he achieves his quota which makes him feel blessed and thankful that he’ll always have the resources to support the needs of his family as long as he works hard for it.

This rewarding experience with RingCentral was even reaffirmed during the COVID-19 crisis where everyone was equipped with the necessary tools to be work-from-home ready. And Bosco experienced this first hand from the deployment of the tools where he witnessed personally how hands-on his leaders were to the #FunInTheCloud activities that aimed to sustain the engagement and connection among employees and even showered everyone with rewards through virtual games and raffle.

There’s just no stopping Bosco

Bosco has no plans of stopping here. As long as he has his loved ones who serve as his inspiration, he will continue achieving great things with RingCentral with the hopes of inspiring others, as well. He will hit target after target, getting rewards after another. “If you want to pursue a career in RingCentral, just go for it. RingCentral has everything you need – great culture, work-life balance, supportive leaders, and a rewarding atmosphere. RingCentral even has a continuity plan in times of a pandemic. What more can you ask for?”, Bosco closes.

RingCentral Manila provides incentives to top-performing Sales team members. Rewards may be given in the form of cash, gift certificates, and travel perks. Rewards within the Sales team are performance-based and are determined on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Originally published Sep 01, 2020, updated Dec 30, 2022

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