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Introducing People Matters: RingCentral Chief People Officer's new video series

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Say hello to People Matters – a new video series featuring RingCentral Chief People Officer Gunjan Aggarwal. Every few weeks, Gunjan will meet with thought leaders from inside and outside RingCentral for discussions on everything that makes our award-winning culture what it is—and what it will be. 

Episode 1: “Strategies for Women in a Work-from-Anywhere World” Watch video

Getting to know our people — and the issues that matter to them

Gunjan will dive deep into our culture, our purpose, the ways our work makes a difference and more.  Episode 1 features  Associate Vice President, SMB Expansion Jenny Dingus and VP, Platform Product Management David Lee, in a discussion about the challenges and benefits women face in the new work-from-anywhere world. From workplace inclusivity to the pros and cons of working from anywhere for women and career advancement, we’ll get insights into what’s working, what isn’t, and hear what our panelists think RingCentral is doing right and where there is room for improvement.

Understanding the “purpose-led” organization

“Purpose-led” is a term you’ll hear a lot in the coming year. What does a “purpose-led organization” mean? Is it just another Silicon Valley buzzword?  Or the idea that people want to feel like they’re accomplishing something meaningful when they come to work each day? Gunjan will meet with people across the company to discuss what being “purpose-led” means to them, and how a shared sense of purpose can make RingCentral a better, more fulfilling place to work.  #strongertogether

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