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How an HR consulting company uncovers new sales opportunities using RingCentral


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What does a small business do when it finds itself needing help with human-resources issues, but doesn’t have the budget to hire an in-house HR team? Many of these companies turn to Peninsula Canada, which offers outsourced human-resources advice, guidance on compliance with health and safety laws, and other HR services.

In fact, these services have been so popular with small businesses that Peninsula Canada has expanded rapidly, opening additional offices throughout Canada and adding more certified HR professionals to field customer questions on the company’s 24-hour employer advice line.

But along with all this rapid growth came a new challenge: the company needed a better phone system.

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Closing more sales with the RingCentral + Salesforce integration

Peninsula Canada’s IT team chose RingCentral for a few reasons, but one of the most interesting benefits of their new phone system was one they weren’t even expecting.

One advantage of RingCentral is that it integrates seamlessly into Peninsula’s Salesforce Lightning environment. This allows their salespeople to work from one pane of glass—no need to keep switching back and forth between windows and tabs.

If they’re viewing a prospect’s account in Salesforce and want to call that prospect, they can just click to dial right from a RingCentral widget within Salesforce:

RingCentral's Salesforce integration

Calling a prospect straight from Salesforce is easy with the RingCentral integration.


Sure, this saves the reps quite a bit of time every day—but it’s not even the most exciting benefit of this integration.

“We can monitor the call history of each customer to look for drop-offs in call frequency over time,” explains Stephanie Jones, the company’s Marketing Manager. “This gives our reps a chance to proactively contact those clients and remind them about our services. In many cases, the client admits they had forgotten they were members of our HR advice service, and this gives us an opportunity to reacquaint them with our solutions—and even sell them additional services.”

ROI calculator

The difference a phone system makes

Peninsula Canada is also making other improvements to its operations since switching to RingCentral. Here’s an example:

Optimized staff scheduling:

The company had assumed that the certified HR experts answering its advice line would experience a steep drop in call volume in the evenings after business hours ended.

“Turns out that was wrong,” says Omer Subedar, an IT Manager. “We discovered that a lot of employers wrap up for the evening and go home at close of business, but then later in the evening, when they have time, they call us with questions about how to resolve a difficult employee issue in the morning.”

Gaining these types of insights has helped Peninsula more effectively schedule its HR experts’ schedules—which allows them both to save money and provide an improved customer experience.

“And we wouldn’t have uncovered these patterns without RingCentral Contact Center”, says Omer.


Check out the case study to see how RingCentral helps make HR-focused businesses more productive.

Originally published Feb 10, 2020, updated Dec 30, 2022

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