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How this government contractor provided world-class call center support to clients through the lockdowns


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Cayuse Technologies, a tribally-owned small business serving the government and private-sector corporations, offers a range of technology and professional services that allow these large entities to outsource their mission-critical operations to a team of experts.

One of those services is call center support. In recent years, Cayuse Technologies has earned a reputation among both government and corporate clients as a world-class third-party customer service operation.

The challenge was that this growing number of call center clients began to tax the company’s on-prem phone system beyond its capabilities. That led to outages, call-quality issues, and other problems. When these phone-system challenges became too large to work around, the executive staff empowered their IT team to find a better, more reliable solution.

The timing couldn’t have been better. Deploying its new cloud-based RingCentral Contact Center solution meant that, for the first time, Cayuse Technologies’ support agents could now work seamlessly from home. As IT Director Chris Leonard puts it: “We equipped our call center teams with the ability to work remotely… just as the COVID lockdowns went into effect.”

So many benefits from the right contact center solution

The IT and project management teams at Cayuse Technologies found several reasons to select RingCentral Contact Center over the other telecommunications solutions they investigated. For example, Marilyn Wildman, BPO Delivery Manager, points out that RingCentral offered a feature that the call center department had been wanting for some time.

“RingCentral has this great tool that basically whispers key details of an inbound call into the agent’s headset while they’re on a call” Marilyn explains. “That means they’re better prepared for the next call and can more quickly help that caller. It has also meant—and we have data to support this—that our overall call-abandon rates have gone way down.” 

Angela Gallino, Executive Support Services Supervisors, notes that RingCentral also offered the best reporting capabilities. Given that Cayuse Technologies’ previous call center solution output only raw call data—creating hours of tedious work every week to prepare client reports—this feature-set alone represented a significant operational win for the company.

“The number of pre-built reports in RingCentral, and the ability to generate them so quickly, is just phenomenal,” Angela says. “It makes our clients happy and saves our team a lot of time.”

But as Chris points out, the real victory that RingCentral Contact Center created for Cayuse Technologies was that the company no longer has to worry about phone outages and downtime. “RingCentral just never goes down, and that’s such an enormous relief to a company offering call center services,” Chris says, adding: “I can’t imagine how difficult the lockdown period would have been for our call center operations if we hadn’t deployed this solution.”

Looking forward to targeting new markets

 In fact, Cayuse Technologies has found RingCentral to be so effective in enabling its staff to communicate and work from anywhere, Chris believes it might enable the company to compete for business the company previously thought was unobtainable.

 “In the past, there were a lot of contracts where we didn’t even bid because we’ve had large office space and high fixed expenses, including our telecom infrastructure,” Chris says. “But RingCentral showed us we can work efficiently and productively as a remote company. I can see this opening up whole new markets to us, and I’m looking forward to testing that theory.”

Originally published Mar 15, 2021

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