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[Expert' Take] Vincent, software developer @Dimelo


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I met up with Vincent, a software developer at Dimelo, in their R&D offices. From the monitoring screens to the sofa and table football, everything there is made to make staff feel at home.

Hi Vincent, can you tell us about your work at Dimelo?

Vincent: I came to Dimelo 4 years ago. I work in the Research and Development team, in charge of developing the Dimelo Digital platform. We make sure users have a functional product while adding new functionalities all the time. It’s important for us to be at the technological forefront and to offer customers a comprehensive product.

Discover Dimelo Digital

Why do you think customers choose Dimelo Digital?

Vincent: I think it’s because our approach is totally oriented towards modernity and simplicity for the user: it’s a web platform, there’s nothing to install, we can set up a new functionality in a few hours, etc. When an improvement is available, we make sure the client benefits from it as soon as possible. We also offer clients an advanced “statistics” section, with a huge amount of data that enables them to optimise the management of their Customer Relations projects.

What are the strengths of Dimelo’s R&D team?

Vincent: The technical team is excellent. Seriously. It’s the best team I’ve worked with. Our work methods are well defined: for example, any code that comes to production has been reviewed by at least one engineer other than the one who wrote it. This way, when a new functionality is launched, we’re sure it’s going to work. So, given that we’re all good enough from a technical point of view, we have time to ask ourselves, “What does the client need?”, so that we can make the right improvements.

Is there a typical day for a developer at Dimelo?

Vincent: To be honest, no, it really depends on what’s going on; if clients have any problems, our priority is obviously to sort them out. We put our investigator hats on to see if the problem comes from our team, if there’s been a configuration error or if there’s been a misunderstanding with the project manager. And then we find a solution! At the same time, we always try to spend a bit of time on new functionalities, so that we can release them regularly.

Describe Dimelo in 3 words.

Vincent: First, there’s reactivity. We’ve chosen a SaaS format, so we don’t need to go to the client or send them a CD to update the platform. We’re also very reactive to social network innovations. For example, the day when Twitter decided to extend the length of private messages to 10,000 characters, we were already prepared. Our clients didn’t have to wait. After that, everyone plays table football, so I would say… table football! (laughs) It lets us think about something else and sometimes, bizarrely, it helps us to find solutions. I’d also say dynamism: we’re young and keen, we’re still learning, we never rest on our laurels, we use the best technology available. So, yeah: reactivity, table football and dynamism.

Vincent, développeur logiciel @Dimelo

And finally, apart from coding, what is your passion in life?

Vincent: If we go back to the 3 words thing, I would say cooking, scuba diving and reading. I read on the metro. I sometimes even read when walking, when the book is really gripping. I’ve walked into a few lampposts, but it’s worth it! (laughs)

Originally published Apr 19, 2016, updated Dec 30, 2022

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