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[Expert' take] Fiora, Project Manager @ RingCentral Engage


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A conversation with Fiora, a RingCentral Engage Communities expert, who took the time to meet with me – a cup of hot tea in hand – between client meetings.

Fiora, expert @Dimelo


What is your role? 

Fiora: I’ve worked at RingCentral Engage for almost four years. I’ve been specializing in communities for two years now, and I also handle projects related to the other channels managed by the platform.
My goal is to provide support to clients: from the conceptualization phase, to fine tuning, to testing and through to delivery. But it doesn’t stop there! Then you have to analyze the results! Overseeing and supporting community creation projects are priorities. We are there for the client, which means providing our technology for their projects and guaranteeing their success. 


Can you tell us briefly what Engage Communities is?

Fiora: It is a SaaS platform for designing and managing online brand communities or forums. Engage has created the foundation, which can be customized and adapted to suit our clients and fulfill the purposes they envision for their communities. We have a number of options: the traditional FAQ, expert forums for customers seeking help from the company, a co-creation and ideation platform, and a self-service community where customers can help each other. That’s what Bouygues Telecom uses and, as of now, half of its customers get their answers from other members of the community.

Discover the Success Story of Bouygues Telecom

In your opinion, how do our clients benefit the most from Communities?

Fiora: Frequently, companies want to reduce the cost of customer relations as well as increase customer satisfaction and autonomy. RingCentral Engage gives them what they need to accomplish these goals. Plus, communities are easy to find through search: users can easily find an answer directly through Google. It also gives brands greater control over their image and enables them to moderate public discussion.


What does a typical day for a Project Manager look like?

Fiora: What I love is that there’s no such thing as a typical day. Training clients, meeting with them to define what kind of community they need, working on their storyboards, working with the Web Factory team on the design and mockups… There are always lots of different things to do! We also provide daily support to our clients, particularly when it comes to working with them to define KPIs in advance, and we are always available to respond to their requests and questions.


To wrap up, what 3 words would you use to define the company?

Fiora: 3 words! That’s hard! First, I’d say young and innovative. RingCentral Engage makes products that are in step with the behaviors of users today. Communities is really our core product, but the company hasn’t rested on its laurels. Rather, it has evolved with the times and launched Chat, Mobile, etc. Young, innovative and aware, both of its clients’ needs and the major trends in customer relations!

Originally published Feb 11, 2016, updated Dec 30, 2022

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