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[Expert' Take] Cyrille, Solution Expert Engineer @Dimelo


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Meet Cyrille, Solution Engineering Expert, who is proud of his region, Picardie, in the north of France.

Hi Cyrille, to get us started, can you tell us about your curriculum?

Cyrille: I was born in Picardie, France’s most beautiful region! I did a bachelor’s degree in maths and IT, and moved on to an engineering school. There, I took a block-release training: while I was studying, I was also working at Stribe, a Parisian start-up specialising in customer relations. I was lucky enough to work on various aspects of a start-up: R&D, production, customer relations, project management, etc. The first project I managed was a dating website (laughs). After leaving Stribe, I had one goal: to keep working on Ruby on Rails (Editor’s Note: open-source web framework written in Ruby) and on customer relations. Eventually, Renaud, the current CTO who used to manage the R&D team at the time, contacted me and things went very smoothly. That is how I started at Dimelo nearly 5 years ago. At first, I was in charge of customisation for Dimelo Communities. I was getting more and more familiar with the product, and eventually became Solution Expert Engineer.

What are your main tasks as a Solution Expert Engineer?

Cyrille: I have several missions: internal tech support, production development, and I supervise the production developer team. I also work as a pre-sales consultant: I take care of feasibility studies, of the technical aspect of cryptography, security audits, and so on… But today, the most important part of my job is providing support for clients who are implementing Dimelo solutions. I try to act as a link between R&D and project managers on a daily basis.

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Can you describe a day in the life of a Solution Expert Engineer at Dimelo?

CyrilleFortunately or unfortunately, I can’t. Fortunately, there is no routine. However, it is practically impossible to have a well-planned agenda as I always have to be present and reply to clients.


Why do you think our clients choose the Dimelo Digital platform?

Cyrille: Today, Dimelo Digital is the only comprehensive customer relations management platform. That’s what makes our product so special. We provide a turnkey solution to manage all channels. In that respect, our R&D team is simply fantastic. We were the first company to make Dimelo Mobile, to bet on messaging. To be honest, I think we will always be one step ahead. Or at least, we will try to. In terms of technology, we have proven our strength and earned the trust of some of the world’s largest companies.

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Can you describe Dimelo in 3 words?

Cyrille: First of all, innovation. Dimelo has created chats, email, mobile, Messenger. We don’t settle for going with the flow. We try to set new customer relations trends. And we are already working on new things!
Then, I would say international. For a long time, we stayed on the French market, but our international business has been booming in the past year: Africa, Europe, Asia. We are present in 16 countries, which means we have to adapt to 16 different cultures. We meet many new people. Personally, I find it very rewarding to work with international business partners on a daily basis. The third word I would choose is “family”. To be honest, we are lucky enough to be a close-knit company, where everyone knows each other. We try to help each other out as much as we can, both here in France and at our office in Germany. Ultimately, the team thrives to make the result as satisfying as possible for our clients. Today, I consider myself lucky to work in an innovative company which still hangs on to this “family” vibe.

Cyrille, Ingénieur Expert Solution @Dimelo

Aside from Ruby on Rails, what’s your passion in life?

Cyrille: Are you ready for some good old clichés? I love sport, but on TV. I support PSG, just like my neighbour Delphine. I also play video games. These days, I play Gravity Rush and FIFA on my PS4. I play sports on my console. That counts right? (laughs) Honestly, what I most value is having a drink with my colleagues and my friends after work, to keep sharing our passions away from the screens we stare at on a daily basis.


Last but not least: who will win the Euro 2016?

Cyrille: France, I hope! For once, we have a chance. If we don’t lose Griezmann along the way, we have a chance! Our Belgian and English friends have amazing teams, but France has its chance. We believe we can make it!​

Originally published Jun 16, 2016, updated Dec 30, 2022

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