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[Expert' Take] Cécile, Support Manager @Dimelo


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We meet Support Manager Cécile, who answers a few questions between phone calls to clients all over the world.

Hi Cécile. To begin with, can you tell us a bit about your career so far?

Cécile: Hello! I came to Dimelo 2 years ago and now I’m the Support Manager. I studied languages: after finishing my degree in English, I went to England for a year, where I was a French assistant in a high school. I then moved on to do a Masters in Applied Foreign Languages with a focus on translating and writing technical content. I trained at Dassault Systems, where I wrote training documents. After that, I worked in the Support and Training department at Renault.

What are your tasks now at Dimelo?

Cécile: I am in charge of Support. We respond to clients’ questions regarding the Dimelo Digital platform (usage advice, support, training, etc.). In concrete terms, once the project has been launched with the client, the Support team takes the reins. We also take care of documentation: user guides, training materials, newsletters with new features, etc.

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What do you like the most about what you do?

Cécile: I love guiding clients, helping them and accompanying them in their use of the software and, if needs be, finding solutions to their problems so that they can make the Dimelo Digital platform work to its full potential for them. I appreciate the connection we have with the client: over the course of our communications with them, it’s really gratifying to know that they trust us because we are there to listen to their problems and suggestions. Our clients are satisfied with our Support and they tell us so, and we love that!

What are the strengths of Dimelo’s Support team?

Cécile :The first is that we use our own software, Dimelo Digital, for our Support. Everything is done on our platform, to which we’ve added an email connector. Dealing with client queries is done via Dimelo from start to finish. This enables us to keep statistics on queries, to classify them, to evaluate our response time, etc. Everything is made quicker and simpler. We are selling an excellent product, so we obviously want to use it internally too!
Thanks to these performance indicators, we know that we are highly reactive to client queries. We are reactive and ready to listen, as we endeavour to answer queries and take into account clients’ suggestions for improvement. We regularly give new ideas to the R&D team, which is always seeking to develop our software.

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What is day-to-day life like at Dimelo?

Cécile: To be honest, the atmosphere is great. We are all big fans of table football and often get together for a drink or for our Dimeloversaries (editor’s note: anniversary of arrival at Dimelo). We all really get on, and when the warm weather comes we love spending time together after work to get to know each other better. It means we can get up in the morning and say we have a job we love and work with nice people: it’s fab.

Cécile, responsble Support @Dimelo

Apart from client satisfaction… What is your passion in life?

Cécile: I sing. I’ve been taking singing lessons for 5 years now. For now, it’s just for me, but who knows: maybe one day I’ll put on a concert at Dimelo… I don’t really have a favourite singer, but I really like Ed Sheeran. I don’t know if I should say it… Actually, it’s fine. I love Ed Sheeran!

Last question: who is the best table football player at Dimelo?

Cécile: Cécile: That’s a difficult one. We always play in teams… Adrien, from the R&D team. He is excellent, but I’m sure I could beat him. Unless I’m playing with Lavanraj (editor’s note: project manager at Dimelo); then we would have no chance! He’s rubbish and can’t keep his cool! (laughs)​

Originally published May 11, 2016, updated Dec 30, 2022

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