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10 Expert Tips to Exceed Customers' Expectations


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Ever wondered what the experts believe in to drive satisfaction for customer expectation? If so, then you will find the best tips from customer experience experts who are among the most influential in providing advice and thought leadership to businesses. 

Discover the advice with our guide and find out more inspiring advice from our experts.

Topics include:

  • How to achieve a better understanding of customers? 
  • How to develop a strong strategy for Customer Service? 
  • Which areas are key to improving Customer Experience?

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How to achieve a better understanding of customers?  

“When it comes to exceeding customer expectations, we as CX practitioners have two very powerful levers at our disposal.  The first is all about effort reduction.  Customers generally value time above all else.  When we can put some of this back in their pocket, whether through convenient automated support channels, next issue avoidance, or proactive resolutions…we are fostering loyalty.  The second is to make the experience not only frictionless, but also meaningful.  The best brands in the world make their customers extremely proud to represent them.  There is something uniquely compelling about your brand.  Are you fully leveraging this power to create a community of ambassadors around you?  When we save customers time, and add to their sense of personal identity, expectations are sure to be exceeded!”


Nate Brown

Nate Brown

Director of Customer Experience at UL EHSS, Co-founder at CX Accelerator

Twitter | Website

How to develop a strong strategy for Customer Service? 

“In 2019, customers will be looking for who they can trust. Trust has been broken in so many ways lately, it’s important to emphasize and reassure how customers can trust your brand. Design your customer experience to show customers trust with transparency and proactive communication. Share with your customers what is going well and what could go better. Make sure there are several reassurances in customer-facing interactions, like online purchasing and return processes. To exceed their expectations, build an entire journey of trust with your customers from your brand promise on. Then make sure you continue to earn it in 2019. and beyond!”


Jeannie Walters

Jeannie Walters

CCXP, CEO and Founder of 360Connext Experience Investigators

Twitter | Website

Which areas are key to improving Customer Experience?

If you want to win the hearts of your customers, you first have to win the hearts of your employees. This year resolve to CARE more for your employees. Communicate. Appreciate. Recognize. Empower. Your employees know 100% of customer concerns and complaints because your customers tell them every day. Listen and act on their feedback. Taking care of your employees and caring for them are not the same thing. Taking care of them is providing them the working conditions and tools to do the job. Caring for them is meeting with them regularly to discuss what they want to see in their personal development. Lastly, if you want your employees to make it a habit to deliver outstanding customer service, you have to make it a habit to thank them when they do.”


Bill Quiseng

Bill Quiseng

Customer Service Expert, Speaker, Blogger

Twitter | Website

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand what customers’ expectations are through analysis
  • Deliver what you say you will, customers expect that
  • Educate your associates on the importance of creating an emotional bond with customers 
  • Emphasize and reassure customers that they can trust your brand
  • Get the basics right and the rest will align

Discover the advice from experts in our guide: Adrian Swinscoe, Al Hopper, Annette Franz, Bill Quiseng, Blake Morgan, Jeannie Walters, Kate Nasser, Nate Brown, Richard Shapiro, Roy Atkinson.

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Originally published Jan 21, 2019, updated Dec 30, 2022

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