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Driving innovation as a tech company: What's the secret?

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In a bid to propel global innovation, high-tech companies face ever-growing pressure to attract (and retain) top talent, maximize productivity, and drive business value at global scale—an increasingly challenging feat as organizations become even more remotely distributed in nature. But a recent RingCentral customer survey shows how deploying a unified cloud-based communications solution can help to achieve these objectives—and more.

The shift to remote work is happening across industries—just 5% of businesses expect a full return to the office. But technology companies are leading the charge, leveraging employees’ agility and comfort with cloud solutions to deploy innovative new workplace structures to enable better work from any location.  

We recently polled more than 500 RingCentral customers in the US, Canada, and the UK—including executives and decision makers at 38 high-tech firms—to better understand how an all-in-one messaging, video, and phone solution can unleash higher levels of agility and efficiency that are necessary to succeed within this highly competitive sector.

Our customers have seen some serious results, even in an uncertain economy. Read on to learn how they achieved:

More mobility. Less time wasted. Learn how these companies did it.

87% more flexibility with RingCentral

While the move to hybrid and remote work is happening across industries, the tech sector is leading the charge. Some of the largest technology companies in the world were among the first organizations to announce new workplace models, and firms big and small are following suit. The move to remote work both satisfies employee preferences and allows global high-tech businesses to hire the best candidates regardless of their location. According to Jocelyn Vallieres, Sr. Director of Value Acceleration at RingCentral, “This is a win-win-win opportunity for our customers. RingCentral technologies provide employees with cutting-edge tools which boost their productivity. In return, employee experience and satisfaction goes up, which is then a source of higher customer satisfaction and lower attrition rate.”  

But as some of the most distributed organizations across industry verticals, there is a higher burden on tech companies to employ tools that make it easier for people to collaborate and do their work from anywhere. Available on any device, RingCentral enables a significant increase in employee mobility, improving access to resources and information, and allowing 87% more workers to do their jobs remotely. And with new features like Team Huddle, you can connect with your distributed team, face to face, with just one click: 

RingCentral's new feature, Team Huddle allows you to connect with your distributed team, face to face, with just one click.

The bottom line: 75% overall ROI

High-tech businesses require tools that quickly optimize team communication and collaboration on a global basis, while also minimizing ramp up and costs associated with deployment and management. The multifaceted business improvements that RingCentral provides can help to drive value and achieve better outcomes at every turn, yielding an average of 75% return on investment for technology firms.

50% faster workflows with RingCentral

Workflow automation helps tech companies achieve scale by reducing the amount of time that needs to be spent performing often low-value (but necessary) tasks, improving accuracy, and reducing data silos that can inhibit work effectiveness and lead to organizational blind spots.

But implementing these workflows can be complex and costly—and the longer they take to deploy, the longer it takes to achieve meaningful results. RingCentral speeds deployment for high-tech companies by an average of 50%, thanks to a robust offering of hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations with other must-have business apps and an API for flexible, customizable integrations.

34% increase in productivity with RingCentral

High tech is often full of tech savvy teams who have been using project management tools, file sharing systems, and CRMs. To manage the full product lifecycle, tech companies often have big technology footprints of their own. But while these apps are necessary, managing the constant switching of a glut of apps can severely erode productivity and hinder access to information. With a 40% decrease in app toggling, it’s clear that switching to a unified app can help to reduce these pain points.

“As we began growing and onboarding more people, we realized the value of bringing all of these different types of communication onto a single platform where everything worked seamlessly with everything else.

—Anthony Cresci, VP of Business Development and Operations, Theta Lake

Read more about startup Theta Lake’s successes with RingCentral.

Enabling a mobile, global workforce: RingCentral checks all the boxes

As a global software services company with more than 1,000 geographically distributed employees, the Manchester UK-based Mobica faced challenges that will be familiar to many growing tech organizations. Due to rapid expansion, the firm recently opened new offices around the world and hired hundreds of employees—and quickly found that its previous communications stack couldn’t keep up with its needs.

“The communications infrastructure at each of its sites tended to be localized, rather than centralized, so we had different communications hardware at each of our locations and lacked integration across the various solutions,” said Tony Healy, Mobica’s Chief Information Officer.

“Mobica now has enterprise-caliber business phone functionality—automated professional greetings, dial-by-name directory, extensions, advanced routing, etc.—to match our reputation as a global technology innovator.

“RingCentral is also helping us become more connected as an organization, and that’s important in a company as geographically distributed as ours. Now we are in the process of rolling out across the group using RingCentral, and we have many ways—voice call, video chat, business chat—to easily connect with anyone in any of our offices around the world,” says Healy.

To learn more about how RingCentral performs across 16 metrics that are key to tech company performance, download our Customer Success Survey results datasheet for high tech now.

Originally published Jul 13, 2021, updated Dec 30, 2022

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