This past week we were honored to have an incredible guest speak at ConnectCentral, our first user conference in San Francisco. Doug Leone, the renowned managing partner of prominent Sequoia Capital, has been instrumental in funding Google, Yahoo, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other billion+ dollar companies. His ability to identify and invest in winners has been impeccable, and RingCentral is in great company with other recent Sequoia recipients such as Airbnb, What’s App, and Instagram.

Doug Leone was added to the Forbes Midas list in 2014, so when he shares his perspective on essentials for business growth and success, people listen.

Here are some highlights from his talk on Wednesday September 14:

1) Moore’s law is everywhere, not just high tech. Acceleration through technology is impacting everything from the distribution of Coke to healthcare diagnostics and treatments.

2) Change is constant. In order to grow at a rapid pace, you need to keep evolving.

3) Take risks. If something is working like a dream, try to break it. Taking risks is the only way to keep on going. Experiment, fail fast, and evolve rapidly. 4) Nurture a business culture of trust where experimentation is supported so you can evolve more rapidly.

5) Develop a customer-centric culture. This is the new reality of business. Embrace it.


After hearing Doug speak I have a deeper appreciation for why he and his partners decided to invest in RingCentral, because simple, reliable, scalable communications enables workforces to stay responsive and connected to customers and other critical business channels, like your supply chain. RingCentral is committed to being customer centric; we enable our customers to stay agile and be more responsive and competitive, which are essential ingredients for any business’s growth.

So, here’s to continuing to experiment, take risks, evolve, move forward, and succeed.

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