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DMEautomotive Says Reliability and Reduced Expenses Were Key to Implementation of RingCentral


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cloud phone1 DMEautomotive (DMEa) is an innovation-driven automotive marketing firm with offices in Daytona Beach and Jacksonville, Florida. Its workforce of 400 associates includes a significant number of remote workers dispersed throughout northeastern Florida. RingCentral sat down with DMEa IT Director David Lachicotte and discussed his company’s cloud-based phone solution. Some excerpts follow.

RingCentral: What drove DMEa’s decision to implement RingCentral?

David Lachicotte: In our old PBX system, the reliability was at a single point. If it went down, everything went down. We need to know that when one of our customers calls us we’re going to be there on the other side of that phone. Now, even if one of our campuses goes down and is no longer connected to the internet, our customers can still reach us and we can reach out to them.

RC: Did other factors play a role?

DL: Capital expenses was another key consideration, particularly given our growth plans. RingCentral allows us to grow as rapidly as we can without having to worry about the capital overhead or the administration involved in growing our phone system with us. A cloud-based solution allowed us to do away with all of that cap investment, and do away with us being the caretakers of this equipment.

RC: How important was that self-service aspect?

DL: RingCentral empowers my users to do their own administration. All employees can easily manage their personal profiles from their computers and mobile phones with minimal oversight and administration from IT.

RC: You’ve mentioned the importance of collaboration at DMEautomotive. Can you elaborate?

DL: From design to marketing execution, collaboration is critical to our success. It’s essential that employees have instant access to one another and that everyone has their own phone extension, even those who work on the production line.

Lachicotte has said previously (read the case study) that extension-to-extension calling is a key feature for DMEa, enabling associates to make calls easily between departments and offices.

Watch the video to learn more about how DMEa’s cloud communications solution is enabling the company’s growth and ability to deliver customer satisfaction.

Originally published Mar 24, 2015, updated Aug 12, 2020

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