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Asian customers are truly Omni-Digital: how to exceed their expectations?


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RingCentral Engage recently joined Telecoms World Asia, which gathered over 600 attendees and 120 speakers from across Asia and beyond. This event was the opportunity to discuss the latest digital customer care trends and challenges of Asian Telecom companies.

Julien RioCMO at RingCentral Engege has been invited to share exclusive insights about the omni-digital customer care management. In particular, he talked about the specific challenges faced by Telcos, the opportunities linked to digital in Southeast Asia and the right approach to meet customers’ expectations. As a study from Economist Intelligence Service stresses, “Asian consumers have the highest customer experience demands of all.”

He started by highlighting 3 common problems creating frustrating customer experiences and having negative causes for customer care departments:

  • Forcing the customer to use a channel he did not choose, but has to pay for and adapt to its operating hours
  • Imposing very long waiting times, which are not adapted to the channel chosen. For example, an appropriate response time for emails is 24 to 48 hours but it is common to receive answers from companies after one week.

No communication between departments, forcing customers to repeat their enquiries to get the right answer to their problems.

Dimelo Conference Asia

Watch the full conference to know more about these problems and how to overcome them to create an outstanding customer experience:



Here are some of the key takeaways from the speech:

1. Asia is already digital savvy, there is no time to waste

85% of the online population in Southeast Asia uses at least one Social Media or Messaging app several times a day. In average, people spend 3 hours a day on these apps. Companies should quickly adapt to these habits and embrace the opportunity to develop a closer relationship with their customers.

2. Be where your customers expect you to be

When a channel becomes popular for personal purposes, it ends up being adopted for customer service as well. This is what happened with emails, and the same trend is being observed with digital channels like messaging. Unicorns such as Grab, GoJek and Alibaba, which are developing reactive and mobile experiences, are matching customer expectations and make them expect the same from every company.

3. Offer a consistent experience across channels

Customers expect the same experience across all digital channels. The channel does not matter anymore, they want to have their problem solved efficiently.

4. Connect your various tools to give a seamless experience

Digital Customer Care requires to use a wide range of tools daily: CRM, Digital Customer Interactions Platform, call solution, chatbots etc. Synchronizing them will favor data circulation, to provide a seamless customer experience and simplify the internal activity management.

5. Identify your customers to reduce your workload and improve customer knowledge

Customers may contact you on multiple channels for the same enquiry. Identifying customers across channels will avoid you to solve the same issue multiple times. Unifying their digital identities will also enrich your customer knowledge.

Dimelo Conference Asia

RingCentral Engage helps companies address these challenges by enabling them to manage all their digital customer care channels within a single platform. As a result, agents can manage multiple channels through a unique interface, increasing their response speed, streamlining resources allocation and levelling the flow during peak periods, ultimately impacting customer satisfaction.

The RingCentral Engage team has also met partners, clients and prospects in Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia. We discussed with more than 30 companies in the Telecommunications, Insurance/Banking, Entertainment and Retail industries their specific customer care challenges. In the coming months, RingCentral Engage will strengthen its presence in Asia to help companies develop efficient omni-digital customer care strategies.

Originally published Apr 03, 2018, updated Dec 30, 2022

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