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Dimelo Digital Wins 3 Customer Support Software Certificates from a Leading Platform for SaaS Reviews


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A handful of leading brands trust Dimelo for handling their online customer service activities. Adding to the list that recommends Dimelo is FinancesOnline, a popular review platform that assists decision makers in seeing a diamond in the rough amidst hundreds of solutions on the market and provides insightful customer support software analysis

After an in-depth review conducted by FinancesOnline, their experts found great value in the various Dimelo Digital features we offer and gave us three awards for our contribution in the industry:

  1. The Supreme Software 2018 Award recognizes Dimelo Digital for providing the highest possible level of service and extensive knowledge of the industry. Operating in 51 countries across 3 continents, Dimelo’s youthful and experienced team works tirelessly to provide clients with the best SaaS applications. 
  2. The Expert’s Choice 2018 Award signifies that FinancesOnline’s experts believe Dimelo is able to meet the demands and expectations of B2B and SaaS markets. We’re flattered to receive this award, as our team strives to continuously adapt to meet the growing expectations of large B2C companies 
  3. The Great User Experience 2018 Award is given to the top products that offer an especially good user experience through ease of use in starting the product, navigating its interface, and for facilitating one’s work processes. As noted by FinancesOnline, Dimelo Digital imposes a minimal learning curve and allows businesses to focus on their tasks. 

Scoring a positive 8.8 score from FinancesOnline and a perfect 100% user satisfaction rating, their experts also highlighted a number of benefits that Dimelo Digital brings to the businesses. According to FinancesOnline, Dimelo Digital is one of the top customer support software alternatives is because of our unified management for speedy delivery of quality customer service, streamlined resources allocation and workflow, consolidated customer interactions, optimized criteria-based process for receiving messages, dedicated agent workspaces, and much more. 

Originally published Oct 10, 2018, updated Dec 30, 2022

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