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Infographic: Top Business Reasons Why Companies Adopt Cloud Communications


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f&s info cover1 B2B companies are adopting cloud communications at a soaring rate. In fact, the number of users in North America using cloud communications systems for business more than doubled between 2010 and 2012. That number is expected to double once again by 2018.

If this exponential growth isn’t enough to get your business to switch to a cloud-based business model, we have plenty of statistics to show why it is the best option. Read below to see why companies are making the switch.

Top Reasons Companies Adopt Communications in the Cloud

Cloud communications is a growing enterprise tool. By 2020, North American companies will have over 27 million employees using cloud communications tools. Emerging cloud provider leaders are also able to satisfy enterprise business requirements. Check out the complete infographic below for more astonishing stats on how businesses are adopting cloud communications, and download the full Market Leadership Assessment Report.

In a recent survey conducted, 77% of respondents said that a cloud communications business model enables the company to support a mobile workforce. With industry trends leaning more and more towards mobility and remote workforces, this is a huge benefit of cloud communications.

74% of respondents said that cloud communications gives the company faster access to advanced features and capabilities. In this digital age, faster access to new features is invaluable and can only help propel the company forward.

72% of survey participants said the cloud technologies have allowed their companies to reassign their IT and telecommunications staff to more strategic tasks. When IT professionals do not have to worry about clunky on-premise hardware that can break and needs to be replaced, their time can go to more important tasks. Best of all, the company does not have to worry about a traditional PBX system breaking down and costing the company thousands of dollars during maintenance and repair.

66% of those surveyed said cloud communications eliminates the hassle of integrating products from multiple vendors. This can save a substantial amount of money and time in the long run for small to medium sized businesses.

61% of respondents said switching to the cloud makes the cost of hosted communications predictable. Lower costs of telecommunications equipment are always a huge benefit in B2B companies.


Top Attributes Companies Look for in a Cloud Service Provider

86% of respondents said that security is the most important feature to account for when choosing a cloud provider.

85% of survey participants said reliability is necessary in an excellent cloud communications platform.

77% of respondents said that technology maturity is crucial for a company cloud provider.

75% of those surveyed said scalability is the most important factor they look for when choosing to switch to a cloud-based business model.

69% of survey respondents said a technical evolution road map provided by the cloud provider is a very important factor to their company.

Demand for hosted services is increasing as organizations seek to improve business agility and gain faster and more economical access to integration capabilities and features that are supported by high quality and sound safety.

What do you think the top drivers are for businesses adopting cloud technologies? Share with us int he comments below!

[All statistics taken from the 2014 Frost and Sullivan Market Leadership Assessment, Empowering Today’s Diverse Workforce Through Cloud Communications Report.] 

Originally published Nov 12, 2014, updated Aug 11, 2020

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