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How CD Baby uses RingCentral to orchestrate flawless online meetings



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If you’ve ever found a musician or band whose music you loved, you have a lot of people to thank in addition to the artists themselves. And if your favorite bands are among the 650,000 artists that this company represents, then you can thank the team at CD Baby.

The company started out selling CDs on the internet, but it quickly grew to be bigger than that. Soon, CD Baby found itself helping artists and independent labels grow their audiences, build fan loyalty, and create new revenue streams.

Today, CD Baby is the largest distributor of independent music in the world, and the world’s #1 administrator of publishing rights for musicians and labels. 

With more artists every day thinking bigger than Spotify and wanting to work with CD Baby, the company has been growing quickly—and globally.

The thing is, relationships are built on trust, trust requires communication, and CD Baby’s old IT infrastructure just couldn’t support all the people who need to be in touch at all times at this busy, fast-growing business.

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Video conferencing isn’t jazz…

You can’t just improvise a great outcome.

Because it represents artists all over the country, and increasingly around the world, CD Baby handles a lot of its communications with musicians and labels through video conference calls.

One of the major problems the company had to overcome was conference rooms being double-booked and meetings getting interrupted all the time. Originally, they tried keeping a shared meeting room schedule on the company’s Microsoft Exchange calendar.

“But unless someone checked the Exchange calendar on their computer, they still wouldn’t know if a conference room was going to be free or occupied in the next 20 minutes—or any time during the day,” says Tom Beohm, Director of Systems Operations and Engineering. “We still had double-bookings and conflicts.”

Another problem was the lack of a consistent experience across CD Baby’s many conference rooms. “Every time someone tried to launch a conference call, it was like reinventing the wheel,” says Ben White, Manager of Systems Operations.

“Does this room have VGA or HDMI cables? Are we using a PC or a Mac? Will the video feed work for our international attendees?”

Getting meetings to start on time was, needless to say, a pain.

meeting value calculator

Finally, no more double-booked rooms

Then CD Baby discovered a unique conferencing solution that turns any meeting space into a one-touch, video-ready conference room: RingCentral’s Rooms in a Box.

As Boehm puts it, “Problem solved!” 

Thanks to mini iPad schedulers outside each conference room, which sync right into RingCentral, double-bookings are now a thing of the past. “Someone can walk up to a room and check the screen to see if and when it’s booked,” Ben says. “If they see an opening they want, they can just book the meeting right there on the screen.”

cd baby conference room

CD Baby using RingCentral’s Room in a Box!

For the first time, CD Baby’s staff now has a completely consistent, reliable video conference experience—every time—no matter which meeting room they choose.

 “RingCentral has helped us reduce administrative overhead, made it easier for employees to schedule and host online meetings with anyone in the world, and lets CD Baby project the professional image that reflects our brand.”

Check out the full CD Baby case study.

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Originally published Mar 09, 2020, updated Feb 24, 2022

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