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Heading to CCW in Las Vegas? Here’s how to get the most out of your experience


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Ah, Las Vegas. The lights, the sounds, the energy… it is a hypnotic combination that everyone should see once or twice at most. But for the well-heeled road warrior, a trip to Las Vegas is at times a far too frequent occurrence. With visit frequency, this will be fun seems more closely linked to a quiet night of room service versus a night of table games at a never-ending stream of casinos.

For those attending CCW, we have you covered. To help you make the most of your time, we have curated five unique and memorable experiences that will help you get off the beaten trail and see Las Vegas and Customer Contact Week in a new light.

1. Order personalized cocktails at Fremont Street’s speakeasy, The Laundry Room

Sure, you can drop a few dollars in penny slots and enjoy a drink for the price of a tip with the masses. Then again, you could instead try a handcrafted cocktail in a small bar-within-a-bar while a piano player takes requests. The Laundry Room is one of the finest speakeasies in the United States, located on Fremont Street in a memorable former hotel laundry room. At only 20 seats and no standing room, it is just about as personalized an experience as you can have in Las Vegas. Interested in going? Reserve your seat soon as they go fast.

2. Experience Las Vegas history at the oldest free-standing bar in Clark County

Before we go further, a little history on the name. Sixty-five miles north of Las Vegas was once an important nuclear testing site. The story goes that Atomic Liquors was named so in 1952 on account of the owner’s love of watching nuclear blasts while sampling “atomic cocktails”. But the history extends far beyond this point. Atomic Liquors was a favorite spot for the Rat Pack, Smothers Brothers, Barbara Streisand, and more. Today it is primarily a locals only spot a few miles away from the packed Las Vegas Strip. Interested in going? Let us know. We’ll come with you.

3. Witness the future of cocktail customer engagement with a robot bartender

As the options so far have included a historical location and specially crafted cocktails, it is important to balance these very human experiences with the best that robotic automation can afford. At The Tipsy Robot, two robotic bartenders assemble cocktails based on exacting standards – using both recipes already created and those using the imagination of those ordering. Located on the strip, the robots used are from the KUKA Robotic Corporation of  Germany and precisely mimic the actions of bartenders as they pour, mix, shake, and more.

4. Learn how to deliver unique and memorable customer experiences with Goosehead Insurance

For Goosehead Insurance, rethinking the insurance businesses is core to their DNA. As a result, rethinking customer experiences is a central part of that operation. Providing good customer service isn’t enough. Join RingCentral for our Meet The Customer Session at Booth #802 and learn how Goosehead insurance is delivering the ultimate customer experience.

5. Connect the dots between employee and customer engagement

There is a direct connection between employee and customer engagement. Companies need to rethink their business and technology strategies to deliver seamless experiences for both employees and customers and drive greater customer satisfaction and business profitability.  Join RingCentral at CCW 2019 at booth #802 and explore ways to connect the dots between the way you communicate with customers and how you collaborate as an organization — one communications platform for every channel, anywhere, anytime.


Originally published Jun 18, 2019, updated Jan 30, 2023

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