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Automation Archery: 2016 Cloud Office Games

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Aug 17, 2016

The Challenge

Our competitors will have to hit higher productivity targets by integrating voice communication with the sales, support, storage and other business tools they use everyday.

79% of businesses view voice integration with other business applications as critical. In a world where business softwares are so diverse, versatility at integrating communications with a range of activities is the only way to succeed.

Winning Tactics

Some of the more traditional competitors appear to be struggling in this event.

They are simply losing time and concentration having to manually set their sights on their phone system and other business software again and again. Over the course of the event, this really takes a toll on their productivity score.

But wait a moment, out on the field today we can see a more modern contender. They are utilising automated integration to ensure their voice communications are always locked and loaded from within the main business software they use everyday. They don’t need to lift a finger and can get instant results at the click of a button.

This competitor seems to be particularly clever as they are able to utilise an open API to achieve ultimate integration with any software across all areas of business operations. It’s a very smart move.

The Outcome

All the competitors were eager to claim themselves as productivity leaders but this really does look like a job for the modern and more integrated system. It would appear that no matter the discipline, the cloud-based system rises to the challenge every time.

Are you ready to compete in the 2016 Cloud Office Games? RingCentral is helping you get one up on the competition with a free 30-day trial of our cloud phone solution. Anyone that signs up for a free trial in the UK in the month of August will receive a very limited edition Cloud Office Games mug!

Note: Cloud Office Game mugs are only applicable to RingCentral UK accounts.

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