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5 tips for becoming a 100% Customer-Centric company


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According to a Forrester study published in October 2016*, customers who feel neglected or who have a bad experience when interacting with a brand are 8 times more likely not to recommend that brand. To prevent your customers from having a bad experience, follow our 5 tips for becoming a 100% customer-centric company.

1 – Make customer experience a fundamental company value

Start with a brainstorming session to define the ways in which your company already places the customer first, and choose a few words that are easy to remember. This way, your customer service agents will quickly and easily integrate these concepts and put them to work during every interaction with customers. This will maximize your opportunities to offer unique and personalized customer service in order to get positive customer reviews and attract new leads.

2 – Talk to your customers where they are

Answering customer inquiries on the channels they use to contact you shows that you adapt to their habits and care about their preferences. To do this, determine the volume of messages received through each channel and decide where you need to have a presence. Then centralize inbound messages from all channels on a single platform so you can efficiently manage the responses of your customer service department.

3 – Turn satisfied customers into new brand ambassadors

Start by identifying potential ambassadors. These are customers who are happy with your products and/or services who already advise and inspire your leads through their feedback. Single out those who best represent your company values and have the potential to build a community around these values. To increase your chances of finding the best ambassadors, give loyal customers the opportunity to express themselves, reward them, thank them, and be sure to be active on the sites of influencers and forums where your brand is discussed.

4 – Set concrete, achievable goals for your agents

First, precisely define your long-term goals. It will help if you base these goals on an analysis of customer needs and a comparison of your customer service practices with those of your competition. This way, you will boost the motivation of your agents and give them clear guidelines to follow.

5 – Verify the results of your new approach

Thanks to KPIs designed specifically for customer service, you can verify whether you have reached your goals and analyze the effectiveness of your new approach. For example, you can look at how many customer issues were resolved with a single response, the average response time, customer comments, and the number of visits to your site.

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*Forrester study “2017 Predictions: Dynamics That Will Shape The Future In The Age Of The Customer” October 2016

Originally published Dec 08, 2016, updated Dec 30, 2022

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