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5 Recent Articles that Demonstrate Why Employee Experience Should be a Shared, Cross-Functional Value


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Today, organizations are investing in programs to improve employee experiences. At times these come in the form of perks like gym memberships, break room snacks, free lunches, and on-site massages. These are certainly a step in the right direction, and go a long way towards making an employee feel welcome and more comfortable in the workplace. But the day to day experience is still a cause for concern for many employees. This is because employee experience (EX), as a discipline, does not belong to just one team. In fact, it touches on nearly every discipline within an organization. Each team has a part to play in creating a culture that leads to happy, successful, and motivated employees. 

This is a hot topic today. And depending on your role within your organization, you might not see how wide ranging EX is today as a discipline. To help tell that story, here are five recent articles that demonstrate how important it is for organizations to see EX as a shared value. 

Building Services: The #1 Office Perk? Natural Light
Key Takeaway: “As employee experience becomes increasingly important to attract, engage and retain top talent, the workspace is now recognized as an integral part of this experience.”

HR: How a Purpose-Driven Workplace Impacts the Employee Experience

Key takeaway: “By focusing on providing a purpose-driven work experience to your people, they will in turn be enabled and empowered to contribute to your organization’s grand vision.”

Business Services: The Digital Workforce Experience: Getting Technology to Work at Work

Key Takeaway: “When people experience technology that works for them at work, they are on the path to a positive workforce experience overall—one that can increase organizational loyalty, engagement, and productivity.”

Information Technology: 9 Steps for Optimizing the Employee Experience During Your Next Technology Project

Key Takeaway: “Technology is supposed to make our lives easier – both personally and professionally. From an organizational perspective, the idea is that a spend in new technology is going to improve the employee experience in some way.”

New Research Reveals the Business Benefits of Connecting Employee and Customer Engagement

Key Takeaway: “It’s time for CIOs and leaders from customer support and lines of business to acknowledge that employee engagement and customer satisfaction are intrinsically connected. They need to embrace an integrated communications and collaboration platform that delivers a unified workflow and allows customers to connect with companies through the channels of their choice, while giving employees a seamless communications experience in how they respond to customers and collaborate with coworkers.”

To learn more about the employee and customer engagement equation, read the infographic and eBook.

Originally published Aug 08, 2019, updated Jan 30, 2023

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