3 ways cloud communication helps providers deliver an ideal patient experience

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According to Gartner, by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and every other factor as the top competitive differentiator for brands. 

In reality, most industries already view it as a key differentiator—and healthcare is no exception. 

Good patient experience (PX) in healthcare today is more critical than ever, given several important trends impacting the industry:

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) in Healthcare Makes a Big Impact

Healthcare providers today continue to grapple with very manual and inefficient communication processes. In fact, 35% of healthcare costs stem from non-patient-care activities, such as staff coordination, locating equipment, exchanging information, or seeking out input from specialists. 

Providers can tackle this problem either by hiring more staff—which costs more and adds complexity—or streamlining communication between everyone involved in patient care.

Cloud-based unified communication and collaboration solutions help healthcare providers work more effectively to accelerate care delivery with faster access to the resources and information practitioners need at the point of care. In particular, UCaaS delivers the following three critical benefits for providers:

To learn more about how RingCentral is helping Healthcare organizations communicate and collaborate more effectively, watch our recent webinar, “Transforming the Patient Experience” in which Zeus Kerravalla, founder and principal analyst at ZK Research, and Lance Mehaffey, healthcare industry principal at RingCentral, talk about key issues providers face and how RingCentral solutions can help.

Originally published Aug 07, 2019, updated Jul 22, 2021

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