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Digitalisation has taken over the telecoms industry at a swift pace. To remain competitive in a continuously changing digital environment, your company will need to be a step ahead in adopting new disruptive and innovative solutions. This is where Engage Digital as a unified platform  can help you to:


- Optimise your customer care resources.


- Increase employee productivity and efficiency through one platform for all digital channels.


- Implement innovative technology to maximise reactivity with your customers' needs.

Discover RingCentral Engage Digital

Engage Digital is a digital solution for your company facing digital challenges. We help over 40 global telco operators around the world with their digital transformation.


RingCentral Engage Digital enables companies internationally to manage all their digital customer care channels through a single platform.


You can aggregate all digital channels: social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube), live-chat, email, messaging (Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp), in-app-messaging and many more through a single interface, making it easier and more efficient to manage customers' enquiries.


Engage Digital increases the efficiency of your team and breaks silos for agents to be more productive and channel-agnostic. Customer representatives can instantly improve performance, handle multiple channels, and reduce the time needed to resolve issues.

Optimize your business resources with a simple and intuitive platform

Embrace New Technology for your Customer Care

RingCentral Engage Digital is an open platform designed to interact with your existing ecosystem. The platform is built with multi-criteria and AI analysis which provides correct and fast routing to your contact centre or local agent.


The smart routing system enables the messages to be automatically routed to the most competent agents based on the content of the message and skills of the available customer service representative.


Engage Digital also integrates with any chatbot providers to reduce the agent's workload and efficiently manage available resources. The platform also provides native integration with Dialogflow; Google's platform to create a chatbot based on natural language processing. Hence, all your digital channels will be connected to one platform to enhance employee productivity and improve customer service.

Choose new Digital Channels

Manage all your digital channels in one unified platform with Engage Digital. One single interface to handle your customers' interaction from the most traditional channels (like email or live-chat) to the most recent ones (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Twitter) much appreciated by consumers today.


85% of consumers prefer receiving text messages over a phone call or an email. Messaging has seen a rise and is readily available to customers. Businesses need to be present where your customers are and be available on the channels favoured by your customers.

A simple and intuitive platform

Engage Digital helps you to make a quick move to the digital and be present on all channels favoured by your customers. The platform is straightforward and intuitive to use for agents as it was built to be very similar to the messaging channels we are using every day.


A single training is necessary for your customer service representatives to be operational even if you choose to add new channels in the future. With its open APIs, Engage Digital is ready to connect to any new communication channel that will come.

They trust us

“RingCentral Engage Digital has enabled us to embrace our customers on digital channels at scale.”

“My dream was to have just one tool to use for customer interactions and regrouping channels. RingCentral Engage Digital provided me with a unified platform that is so easy to use, it must have been created by a CSR.”

“One of the biggest wins of this digital transition has been a drastically-reduced turnaround time in problem resolution from one working day to a few minutes.”

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