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AI-first meetings, transcripts, summaries, and recordings

AI-powered video meetings & conferencing

Video meetings made simple, with AI enhancing in-meeting interactions and providing comprehensive post-meeting recaps.
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RingCentral Video has really been a game changer in simplifying communications for our business both internally and externally.

Brian Garrett – Director of IT, Wells Insurance

AI-powered live transcription and active virtual background features on an ongoing RingCentral video conference
AI-powered live transcription and active virtual background features on an ongoing RingCentral video conference
AI-powered live transcription and active virtual background features on an ongoing RingCentral video conference
  • In-meeting transcriptions and closed captions
  • Post-meeting summaries, highlights, and transcripts
All included at no additional cost!
Join from anywhere
  • Full-featured desktop and mobile browser experience
  • Powerful mobile app experience
Rich collaboration
  • Unlimited interactive whiteboarding
  • Collaborate on meeting notes
Seamless switching
  • One-click desktop/mobile switch
  • Elevate from phone call to video
Secure meetings
  • Dynamic end-to-end encryption
  • Waiting rooms and host controls

Join meetings from anywhere, any device

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No-download join

Get a full-featured meeting experience when joining from a supported desktop or mobile browser—perfect for your external guests and clients.
*Desktop - Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
*Mobile - Chrome (Android), Safari (iOS)
The whiteboard feature in an ongoing RingCentral video meeting on a tablet

Powerful mobile experience

Get a full-featured meeting experience from the mobile app. Use whiteboards, annotate, share live content from your back camera, and more.
The RingCentral mobile app

Take your meetings on the go

Switch between desktop and mobile devices with just one click.

A smarter way to meet

AI-powered video meetings that help save time and increase productivity in and outside of meetings—all at no extra cost.

Collaboration tools that make brainstorming easy

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Dive into the details with our video meetings datasheet

Complete your setup with video meeting add-ons

RingCentral Rooms™
Make any room a meeting room and keep hybrid teams connected in and outside the office.
RingCentral Webinar™
Launch webinars in just a few clicks from the RingCentral app.
RingCentral Events™
The all-in-one solution for virtual, onsite, or hybrid events where AI enhances every milestone, from planning to execution.

Where analytics, security, and flexibility meet

Evolve workflows with integrations, identify and address video meeting quality issues, and keep big ideas safe with enterprise-grade security.
App integrations available at the RingCentral Video App such as Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, MailChimp, Slack, and Hubspot


Add integrations you and your teams need into RingCentral, including syncing meetings with Google/Outlook calendars and more.
Charts and Graphs generated via the RingEX Analytics

RingEX Analytics™

Get real-time insights into the quality of your video meetings with RingEX Analytics™.
Active security settings of an ongoing RingCentral Video meeting including end-to-end encryption and password requirement

Trust Center

From end-to-end encryption to 3rd-party validation, get transparency on all things security at our Trust Center.
Brain scans discussed by medical colleagues enabled by a RingCentral Video API

Video API for Developers

The power of RingCentral Video, everywhere. Easily start meetings with the API or fully embed live video into your browser or mobile app.

Start meeting for free

No downloads or contracts required. Host unlimited meetings, plus team messaging for free with RingCentral Video.
A man smiling while looking at a monitor
A man smiling while looking at a monitor
Manage and route calls on any device.
Get everyone on the same page with team messaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

RingEX is a paid plan that offers Messaging, Video, and Phone, all in one app, and is best for customers who are seeking a full business communications package.
RingCentral Video Pro/Pro+, which comes in a free and paid version, offers video conferencing with built-in team messaging. This is best for customers who do not need a phone line and want to have seamless communications through messaging and meetings only.
Fortunately, no matter which plan you sign up for, almost all video meeting features are supported across both plans.
Nope! Whether you use RingEX or Video Pro/Pro+, you can use the same RingCentral app. You can download the RingCentral mobile app on iOS and Android mobile devices and the RingCentral desktop app on Windows and Mac for free. You can create a free account with RingCentral Video Pro, then upgrade to paid plans like RingCentral Video Pro+ and RingEX at any time. You can download here:
No download is required to join a RingCentral video meeting, even with our free plan. 
Instead of downloading the RingCentral app, simply join from a supported web browser:
  • Desktop: Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • Mobile: Chrome (Android), Safari (iOS)
RingCentral’s video conferencing solution is absolutely secure and trusted by big and small businesses worldwide. 
Our virtual meetings come with multi-layer security and are GDPR, HIPAA, and HITRUST certified. Your plan includes features such as a waiting room and user authentication to make sure only authorized users can join your meetings.
Add an extra layer of confidentiality in your meetings. RingCentral’s video conferencing solution also comes with dynamic end-to-end encryption (E2EE), allowing you to turn it on in the middle of the meeting for more confidential conversations.
Scheduling a RingCentral video meeting is simple, and there are three ways to do so through the RingCentral app.
You can:
  • Schedule via the Video tab interface
  • Schedule using the Video action button in any conversation
  • Schedule via the “New” action button next to your profile name on the top right of the app.
We highly recommend syncing your Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar so that you can ensure your meetings are on your calendar!
You can also easily schedule a meeting directly from Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar with the respective Scheduler Add-Ins, available through our RingCentral App Gallery.
Recordings can be done by the meeting host. For the meeting host, click on the record button located at the bottom of your meeting screen. You will know the recording has started when a red dot and a timer show up on the bottom left.
Once the meeting is completed, go to the Video tab in the RingCentral app and select “All recordings”. You’ll notice that the recording will contain Advanced Meeting Insights, which consists of AI-generated summaries, keywords, highlight reel, and meeting transcripts which allow you to easily catch up without having to rewatch the entire recording. These insights are shareable with users within your company.
There are no time limits with RingCentral video meetings. Unlike other free video conferencing services—and some paid plans, too—there are no time limits here, 40 minutes or otherwise. Plus, you’re free to schedule as many meetings as you’d like. 
You’ll have full confidence in hosting a 1:1 call or video meeting with more than 2 attendees by hosting a meeting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Whether you’re a meeting host or a participant, it’s easy to join a video meeting.
If you have the RingCentral app downloaded and your calendar synced, simply go to the “Video” tab, hover over the meeting on your calendar, and click on “Join”.
You can also easily join from a supported browser. Click on the meeting link, whether sent to you directly or in your calendar invite. When prompted, click to join the meeting from the browser.
Tap into the power of
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No downloads or contracts required. Host unlimited meetings, plus team messaging for free with RingCentral Video.