RingCentral Office

RingCentral for Dropbox

Conveniently store RingCentral records in your Dropbox account.

RingCentral Dropbox Integration

With Dropbox seamlessly integrated with RingCentral, you’ll never lose another important voicemail or message again. You can easily archive your RingCentral records in your Dropbox account, and retrieve them whenever you want. You can also fax or share any Dropbox document while using RingCentral.

Benefits of RingCentral for Dropbox:

Automatic data backup keeps you safe, never sorry

  • Once your Dropbox account is connected with your RingCentral account, you can automatically back up your RingCentral voicemail, recorded calls, SMS text messages, and faxes, sent or received from your extension, to your Dropbox account, simultaneously setting your mind at ease and resolving your data storage concerns.
  • You can choose the type of records you want to store. Data is saved every hour and safely transferred with secure SSL encryption.
  • Intuitively search and retrieve archived records in Dropbox for easy access to your data whenever you need it.
  • Storage space is based on your Dropbox plan and easily upgraded.

Real-time file sharing keeps everyone on the same page

Share any file from your Dropbox account during your live RingCentral Meetings® online meeting, ensuring everyone can easily reference your discussion points.

Faxing made seamless

With RingCentral FaxOut combined with Dropbox, faxing important documents is never a problem. RingCentral can easily fax a Dropbox document along with a custom cover page and note to up to 50 recipients at once.

Try it out

RingCentral for Dropbox is available for free to all RingCentral Office edition subscribers. You already have everything you need to start archiving and sharing files using RingCentral. Just enable RingCentral for Dropbox, and you’re set.