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While in France last week, David Marcus, Head of Messenger at Facebook, highlighted Messenger’s significant growth and the platform’s latest new features. With 2 billion messages exchanged between companies and their customers every month, Messenger has become a major customer service channel. To help companies get started with Messenger and optimize their presence, Facebook recently launched some new resources.

Using Messenger for customer care with Dimelo Digital

Among the new Messenger features is the “Directory of Platform Development Providers”, which helps businesses find the right partner based on their reasons for using Messenger (customer service, acquisition, transactions, etc.)

Dimelo has appeared in the directory as a preferred Messenger partner since the development of our Messenger connector. Our connector is currently being used by many companies to exchange with their customers on Messenger, including AXA, BNP Paribas, Hello Bank!, Direct Energie and iflix.

Directory of Platform Development Providers

AXA on Messenger: 80% customer satisfaction

In April 2016, AXA was one of the first French companies to adopt Messenger. Working with Facebook and Dimelo, the company got up and running on Messenger in 3 months, which enabled its Switch customers (a product intended for the youth market) to communicate with their agents.

After getting such good results with Switch, AXA decided to open this channel to all of its customers. In September 2016, AXA launched Messenger on its “AXA Votre Service” Facebook page. Today, over 50% of the AXA France social customer care happens on Messenger.

AXA Messenger results

During his presentation at Facebook France and in an interview with Usine Digitale, David Marcus mentioned AXA’s excellent results using Messenger:
“AXA did a great job on customer service for Switch, which is for a younger market. They were able to increase customer satisfaction by over 80% for those using Messenger compared with other channels.”
David Marcus, Head Of Messenger

Messenger in 2017: key figures

In closing, the latest key figures for Messenger show how popular it is with consumers, its important role in customer service, and how the use of bots on the platform has increased:

  • 1.2 billion users
  • 100,000 active bots on Messenger
  • 2 billion messages exchanged between businesses and their customers per month
  • 70 million companies and active pages on Facebook
  • 100,000 developers
  • 53% of people say they are more likely to do business with a business they can message

Originally published Jul 10, 2017, updated Dec 30, 2022

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