• The New Face of Office Telephony is the Cloud Based Phone System
  • The Leader in Cloud Based Phone Systems

The New Face of Office Telephony is the Cloud Based Phone System

Cloud based phone systems are replacing on-premise PBX as the communications suite of choice for businesses of all sizes.

The cloud based phone system is on the rise, while on-premise PBX is on the decline. What used to be just an alternative to hosted systems for small and medium sized businesses has now become the primary choice, even for large corporations.

And it is not difficult to see why. There are just too many advantages to employing cloud phone systems over traditional on-premise PBX. As cloud technology improves and becomes more popular, the disparity between the two services becomes that much clearer. But that is just the way it is with technology. Out with the old and in with the new. In this case, on-premise PBX is on the way out, while cloud based phone systems is definitely in.

Cloud Based Phone Systems are the Better Choice

But what exactly does a cloud-based system offer that makes it better than on-premise PBX? There are plenty, and here are some:


  • No Capital Investment – You won’t need to tie up your capital, because the system does not need expensive hardware like servers that depreciate over time. You only need to subscribe to a plan with a monthly or annual fee, and treat it as an operational cost. This gives your company more financial flexibility.
  • No Dedicated Manpower – You do not need to hire people whose sole purpose is to maintain and manage the hardware and the system. With an easy-to-use web interface, business owners can manage the cloud phone system on their own. This gives you more control over how your company communicates.
  • More Scalable – Expanding or shrinking (if you need to save) the communication features has become much simpler. Easily add or delete virtual extensions with a few clicks on your account. No need for new wiring or moving of office furniture. If you plan to open a new office at a new location, you do not need to purchase a new system. The service can unite different offices under one system.
  • Much More Mobile – Since the service is hosted over the Internet, this gives businesses and its users more mobility compared to traditional business telephony. The cloud based phone system uses virtual extensions that can be accessed from any PC with an Internet connection. In addition to this, there are also free apps for both iPhone and Android phones that allow users to bring their business telephony with them anywhere they go.


Slowly and surely, the time of the on-premise PBX is coming to a close with the rise of these communications systems. Don’t let your company get left behind. Contact RingCentral now for more information on these cloud based phone systems.                

The Leader in Cloud Based Phone Systems

RingCentral cloud based phone system beats the competition when it comes to product innovation, business partnerships, reliability, and security.

Cloud based phone systems are the best business communications products in the market right now. They have clearly overtaken on-premise PBX in terms of cost savings, flexibility, mobility, and scalability. It has moved past being just an alternative phone system for small to medium-sized companies, as it now fully embraces the role of a full-fledged communications solution for businesses of all sizes. Now that you have established that it is the smart choice, your focus should now shift to which provider to trust.

The choice is not just about affordability or product offerings; it should be about the overall package and how it could contribute to the success of your business. There are several service providers in the market today, but only one really stands above the rest. RingCentral is the leading cloud phone system provider for several reasons. While the product is similar to other virtual telephony offerings, it has several advantages that other providers don’t have.

A Cloud Based Phone System that is a Cut above the Rest

While similar cloud based phone systems do provide flexibility, mobility, and scalability, RingCentral has always taken the service further than other providers ever have. With RingCentral you can expect:


  • Innovations – It invests in research and development, which is apparent in all the new features that are made available recently to subscribers. Some of these innovations include Business SMS, which allows users to send text messages from their business number; and Presence, which allows users to show if they are available or busy. Similarly, users can check their colleague’s availability through this feature.
  • Partnerships – RingCentral is the cloud based phone system with friends, forming partnerships with other brands that could improve and add value to their subscribers’ user experience. One of the fruits of these partnerships is FaxOut, a standalone page that allows users to fax documents directly from popular cloud file-sharing apps like Google Docs, Dropbox, and Box with just a few clicks.
  • Redundancy – There is no perfect system; and sometimes service interruptions do happen, especially during natural disasters like thunderstorms and earthquakes. RingCentral strives to minimize the risk of service interruptions by placing its core technology infrastructure in multiple state of the art data centers to maximize redundancy. In the event of failure in one data center, other data centers can step in and support it. All these are done to ensure that subscribers get a reliable business-class phone over the Internet.


There are other providers in the market but if you want the best cloud based phone system, there is only one brand to look up, and that is RingCentral.