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Take your communications to the cloud

Make the switch to RingCentral’s cloud PBX to migrate at your own pace, lower your total cost of ownership, and get powerful AI conversation intelligence.
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Moving to RingCentral cut our overhead way down. We don’t need an on-prem PBX at every location, or local phone lines, or maintenance to support the hardware. It’s all handled in the cloud.

David Bartos - Senior Telecom Manager, Ryder Systems

A woman using the RingSense AI on her laptop
A woman using the RingSense AI on her laptop

Trusted by 400,000+ businesses of all sizes

Modernize your business communications with a cloud PBX

Lower TCO
Cloud PBX offers lower, predictable costs without the upfront CapEx.
$1.1M in telephony savings
Capitalize on innovation
Cloud solutions can swiftly adapt and scale to harness the power of innovations like AI.
92% time savings with AI
Reliability and uptime
Avoid common issues like hardware failures and power outages that can result in unexpected downtime.
99.999% Reliability
Integrated everywhere
Use pre-built integrations or build your own with our APIs.
300+ pre-built integrations
Simplified scalability
Add new users and expand globally without additional hardware, cost, and localized expertise.
Seamless global expansion
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Gartner names RingCentral a Magic Quadrant Leader for the 9th year in a row
RingCentral is proud to be recognized as a 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for UCaaS worldwide.

Trusted by 400,000 businesses of all sizes

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If you have experience in IT, you’ve learned not to expect a technology migration to go smoothly. But our RingCentral implementation was surprisingly free of disruptions.

Jaimie Bell, VP of Client Solutions | Office Gurus


On-prem phone systems retired



The all-in-one business phone system

Reimagine business calling with AI

Say goodbye to note-taking

An AI companion transcribes and summarizes calls, takes notes, and tracks action items so you can focus on higher value activities.

Post-call highlights

Catch up on your calls with automated summaries, Q&A recaps, and defined next steps.

Sentiment analysis

Improve your soft communication skills with measurements of energy, talk time, filler words, and more.
A male receptionist uses RingSense AI Smart Notes feature while talking to male caller

Everything you need in a business phone

Never miss a call

Set up basic or advanced call routing rules and ring duration with a pre-recorded phone menu, and easily forward calls so customers reach the right person, every time.

Capabilities for every user

Whether you’re a seller making hundreds of cold calls, an executive assistant managing calls for executives, or a frontline worker making mobile calls, RingCentral’s cloud PBX provides the essential features for every user.

Powerful pre-built integrations and APIs

Integrate RingCentral into your preferred business apps like Microsoft Teams or Salesforce, or build custom solutions with our comprehensive API library.
A male engineer configures the RingCentral settings such as Ring your devices, voicemail, and Welcome greetings on his mobile phone

Migrate to the cloud on your terms

Phased, hybrid migration

Reduce risk with a hybrid migration that empowers you to move users, locations, and groups strategically.

Port existing numbers or choose new ones

Keep existing phone numbers, shared lines or get new ones from any area code instantly.

Expertise and experience to help you migrate

Tap into our team of migration experts to seamlessly transition from on-premises to the cloud, trusted by customers worldwide.
A female agent assists a client in the RingCentral app cloud migration

Digitally transform all your POTS lines

Better reliability and continuity

Deliver more uptime and greater connectivity to your life-safety devices to ensure they are always-on, even during outages.

Simplify management with a single partner

Modernize your multi-site infrastructure with one vendor for all your communication needs—from voice, AI-first collaboration, to specialty-line services, scaling up or down easily.

Reduce costs and maximize ROI

Enjoy the benefits of a modern and feature-rich cloud communications platform to future-proof your business—without replacing your current analog equipment.
RingCentral Devices used to replace POTS such as a fax machine

Features that elevate team and customer interactions

The RingCentral Business Analytics dashboard
Business analytics
Unlock new insights with powerful analytics.
The account management feature of a RingCentral admin account
Remote management
Add new users or locations and expand to new geographies without leaving your office.
The RingCentral emergency call feature
Emergency response locations for 911
Fully compliant with RAY BAUM's Act and Kari's Law to keep your employees safe with enhanced nomadic location awareness.
The RingCentral auto attendant and IVR feature
Auto attendant
Easily create a call menu that automatically directs callers to the right service or department.
An ongoing call recording in the RingCentral mobile app
Call recording
Record calls for review and provide call data insights.
The RingCentral call routing and queue dashboard
Call routing & queue management
Intelligently route calls and manage high call volumes more efficiently.
The RingCentral app call monitoring capabilities such as whisper, monitor and barge
Whisper, monitor, and barge
Supervisors can guide, listen, or join calls as needed.
The RingCentral Heads-up display feature
Heads-up display (HUD)
Popular with receptionists and executive admins, HUD shows real-time call and agent status for quick decision-making.
A list of delegated lines in the RingCentral app
Call delegation
Allows users to handle calls on behalf of others.
A custom RingSense for Sales analytics dashboard open in a laptop

Unearth conversation gems to maximize win rates with RingSense for Sales

Unlock conversation intelligence from customer interactions across calls and video meetings—deeply integrated with your CRM.

an eBook about RingCentral's unified communications and contact center solution on a table
RingCentral’s unified communications and contact center solution
A RingCentral infographic about 7 reasons to switch your on-premise PBX to cloud open in a laptop
7 reasons to switch your on-premises PBX to the cloud
A desk phone powered with the RingCentral app
Certified and supported desk phones

An award-winning platform, loved by customers

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Meeting and exceeding global standards for security and privacy

Built on a secure cloud platform with a robust portfolio of security and compliance certifications, as well as compliance with global regulations.
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FAQs about business phone systems

A cloud private branch exchange (PBX) system enables business phone system functionality without owning or maintaining all necessary equipment. When you choose a cloud PBX system, housing the PBX system becomes the responsibility of your service provider. 
Cloud PBX providers typically charge a monthly cost. This covers off-site housing of infrastructure, managing the technology to maintain the phone system, and feature updates.
This means that by moving your business communications to the cloud, you get all the standard PBX features—fax, voicemail, paging, call routing, call recording, business SMS, and more—at a lower, more predictable cost. Plus, with RingCentral, you also get an all-in-one solution that covers team collaboration, messaging, video chat, analytics, automatic updates, and administration services.
RingCentral’s cloud PBX solutions also boast built-in redundancy that ensures no loss of functionality,  enterprise-grade security for businesses of all sizes, and infrastructure hosted in top-tier data centers.
Cloud PBX makes it possible to make and receive calls using any device. Team members can use their laptops, desktops, or mobile devices for real-time communication. A strong internet connection is all you need, and you are good to go!
The timing of a migration from an on-premises PBX to a cloud phone system should be a strategic decision. Many organizations consider factors such as asset depreciation, migration logistics, and ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs.
However, aligning strategically with the business's goals usually takes precedence. As companies integrate AI into workflows, transition from capital to operating expenditures, expand into new countries and regions, or embrace mobile workstyles, the timeline to migrate from an on-premises PBX to a business cloud phone may accelerate.
Large enterprises with many users, locations, and lines may face complexity when migrating from an on-premises PBX to the cloud. Those organizations may have disparate systems that require consistent connectivity or operate in industries where on-premises hardware is necessary to comply with regulations. Others may need a phased, strategic approach, moving users, locations, or lines at different times to ensure business continuity and to manage the capacity of their IT teams.
These well-laid plans can span years as these large enterprises shift to a cloud-based solution. Cloud business phone providers that enable hybrid deployments, allowing some users to stay on-premises while others reside in the cloud, provide the flexibility that most enterprises need to successfully execute a cloud migration.
Businesses have different requirements when it comes to streamlining workflows, improving productivity, and enhancing communications. 
RingCentral can help by allowing you to integrate phone, SMS, and faxing capabilities into your favorite business apps like Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce. We also offer open APIs, SDKs, and widgets that you can utilize to create integrated apps that work for your business’ unique needs. Check out the RingCentral App Gallery for more information about what you can do with our cloud communications platform.
There is an abundance of cloud options available for consideration, each requiring careful evaluation to align with your business and financial requirements. 
When evaluating cloud business phone systems, be sure to consider tools like:
  1. Seamless integration capabilities with key business tools such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Zendesk, and others.
  2. Robust administration and analytics features enabling remote troubleshooting and usage management.
  3. Comprehensive user experiences across mobile, desktop, and deskphone environments catering to both basic and advanced users.
  4. Expanded functionality encompassing telephony, SMS/MMS, and internet fax services.
  5. A proven track record of reliability and security.
  6. Streamlined migration pathways to the cloud, accommodating phased transitions from on-premises setups, particularly relevant for larger deployments.
Switching from on-prem to cloud PBX is easy with RingCentral. As a leader in unified cloud communications, we are able to consolidate multiple communications systems for phone, meetings, and team messaging. We also offer enterprise-grade security, 99.999% uptime SLA, an easy-to-use interface as well as open APIs and ready-to-use integrations with business apps.
Don’t wait. Schedule your migration assessment today.
Migrating from an on-premises PBX to RingCentral is simpler than you think. Our professional services teams are ready to help with a step-by-step from assessment, to onboarding, and all the way to the cloud.