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What is virtual phone system?

A virtual phone system is a cloud-based phone system that enables users to make and receive calls from anywhere using their laptop or mobile device. It provides organizations mobility and flexibility traditional on-premise systems are not able to achieve. It requires no hardware because the service is delivered via the internet with affordable plans and pricing.

Virtual phone systems combine the best of traditional landlines—secure lines and clear call quality—with the mobility and flexibility of modern web applications. It allows virtual phone system providers to offer more to businesses compared to traditional systems, which pretty much limit the service they can provide to a single location.

Why use virtual phone system

A virtual phone system is mobile and desktop

On-premise phone systems

  • Require expensive and bulky hardware like servers
  • Installations are complex and expensive
  • Customers need to commit long term
  • Customers have to pay additional fees for service upgrades
  • Premium customer support requires additional fees
  • Need to hire or call specialized manpower for maintenance
  • Service change requests take a while to process

Virtual phone systems

  • Run over the internet, no hardware required
  • Quick and easy to implement and configure
  • No long-term commitment needed from customers
  • Upgrades and updates are rolled out for free
  • 24/7 customer support is for all customers
  • Manage your phone system from your smartphone
  • Add or repurpose business phone numbers at will

RingCentral is the industry-leading provider of VoIP services

Specially made for business

Specially made for business

Access features and functionalities designed to help your business and your workforce communicate better. Get unlimited VoIP and conferencing with features like SMS, faxing, and team messaging.

Mobile and flexible cloud-based system

Mobile and flexible cloud-based system

The modern VoIP system not only provides a reliable and unlimited telephony solution but it also includes features like caller ID, video conferencing, SMS, and even faxing to help businesses communicate better.

Quick and convenient installation

Quick and convenient installation

No need for complicated installations. Have your phone service up and running in a day. Easily configure and manage your phone system from an online dashboard.

Secure and reliable cloud phone system

Secure and reliable cloud phone system

RingCentral provides your business peace of mind knowing that all your communications are protected during the entire transmission journey. Data travels through encrypted networks with layers of authentication for additional security.

Premium technical support

Premium technical support

From day one, RingCentral will assist you in setting up and configuring your phone system. Our award-winning customer support team will provide you with expert technical support, consultations, and best-practice recommendations.

Great value with no hidden costs

Great value with no hidden costs

Get a single, all-inclusive bill with no hidden costs. RingCentral provides your business with a powerful cloud communications system for one affordable price. No additional fees for premium features.

RingCentral Business Communications plans for your small business

Volume discounts for 50+ users available. Contact our sales experts to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Virtual Phone System

Small business virtual phone system

RingCentral offers a full-featured virtual office communications solution for businesses looking to ditch old and costly wired telephone service. Its advanced functionalities are available to large international corporations and one-man startups alike, regardless of niche or industry. Whether it’s for real estate, the financial sector, healthcare, or the manufacturing industry, RingCentral is able to help thousands of companies streamline their workflows and maximize efficiency by constantly developing and improving modern communications technology to meet the growing demands of its users.

Because it uses the internet to deliver these functions, RingCentral is able to offer enterprise-level capabilities to smaller businesses without having to make them purchase the expensive and complicated hardware associated with traditional business phone systems. The platform is hosted in redundant and secure remote data centers, thus eliminating the need for businesses to pay for costly PBX equipment, while ensuring minimal downtime. RingCentral offers simple subscription-based solutions, so you get one complete package, starting with your own business number, voicemail inbox, fax capabilities, SMS functionality, chat, and a boatload of other features, with reasonable monthly fees depending on your requirements.

The RingCentral virtual phone system is full-featured, flexible, and ideal for highly mobile individuals. As long as there’s an available internet connection, users can log in to their accounts and use all the features in their communications suite even while on the go.

With a cloud-based solution that isn’t tied to specific devices and advanced call forwarding options that can be customized for various situations, staff members no longer have to worry about missing calls when they are not at their workstations. They’ll still be able to make or receive calls and even join conference calls as if they’re in the same room as their coworkers.

Businesses can specify answering rules and fully customize how incoming calls to company numbers are received depending on the time of day. For instance, calls made during office hours will be immediately routed to the company’s office lines and distributed to the right departments or extensions, while those made after business hours will be automatically forwarded to voicemail. You can even use a different custom greeting for your company’s auto attendant, on-hold music and messages, and voicemail greetings. Use professionally recorded greetings to add a flair of sophistication.

Other useful features include the auto-receptionist, extensions, dial-by-name company directory, conferencing, HD video, advanced call management capabilities, team collaboration tools, and many more. To make use of these business features on PCs, laptops, or smart devices, subscribers only need to download the apps compatible with their respective operating systems.

Make your business communications stand out with a virtual phone system subscription from RingCentral. Sign up or talk to a solutions specialist to get started today.

Aside from advanced call management capabilities, RingCentral is able to provide organizations with virtual phone numbers that they can purchase and assign to employees or departments immediately. No need for new cables and lines.

The service also has a variety of options when it comes to numbers for virtual business phone lines including:

  • Toll-free numbers - For companies who want to establish a national presence.
  • Local phone numbers - For companies who want to build a relationship with the local community
  • International phone numbers - For companies who are building their presence in another country
  • Vanity phone numbers - For companies who want to use their company numbers for branding, or to simply make it easy to remember for customers.

The best part is that these telephone numbers can be accessed by users from anywhere as long as they have internet connection. They can use their business phone number to call, text, and fax straight from their personal cell phone through the RingCentral mobile app.

Virtual phone system for full control of your business

RingCentral’s virtual phone system is a web-hosted communications suite that adjusts to your organization’s needs. Since the service is hosted in the cloud, the phone number that comes with each reasonably priced plan becomes a virtual office phone number that can be accessed from anywhere as long as an internet connection is available.

For the increasingly mobile and collaborative work landscape, this can be a powerful thing to have. The best part is that all sorts of companies, whether they’re nationwide enterprises or local small businesses, are just a subscription away from having it.

Inside the RingCentral platform lies an intuitive dashboard that allows you to manage both incoming and outgoing phone calls better. You’ll get an overview of what’s happening within your phone system, plus direct access to all the controls and features you can use within your plan.

The Auto-Receptionist feature ensures that all calls are automatically answered and routed to the correct virtual extensions, while other advanced features like call screening, caller ID, and call forwarding give your employees more options for handling calls. Apart from these, it already includes related capabilities like internet fax, business SMS, and voicemail so you won’t need a separate service for any of them.

Use the RingCentral App on your computers and mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Use the RingCentral App on your computers and mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

The mobile app, which is available in both Android™ and iOS® versions, is free to use on your mobile devices. You can make outgoing calls from your personal personal cell phone without using up your mobile carrier minutes or call credits. This app also allows your staff to view, organize, and share SMS, faxes, and voice messages from anywhere to boost your mobile business communications even further.

The desktop app, on the other hand, can be installed on your laptop or PC to become a full-featured softphone that will eliminate the need for any hardware.

Additionally, the RingCentral virtual phone system seamlessly integrates with the most commonly used business productivity applications like Google Cloud, Microsoft Office 365™, and Salesforce® among others. This lets you add a communication component to your favorite business apps, removing the need to shift from one app to another as you work.

With these integrations, you can use RingCentral straight from your favorite business app, which can help improve your workflow and aid you in increasing your overall productivity.

RingCentral gives you more than an easy-to-manage communications system for your business. It also ensures you can compete more effectively within your industry. So why not gain every advantage with the support of a powerful RingCentral virtual phone system under your control?

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