More than just a business telephone system

The business landscape has changed quite a bit from what it had been a decade ago. Legacy office phone systems that simply connect calls no longer cut it, as many of today’s businesses have a dispersed workforce in different geographical, even global, locations. What they need is a phone system that offers mobility and the flexibility to adjust to the needs of the company, regardless of size and location.

This is where RingCentral changed the game. More than just a business phone system, RingCentral
provides a unified communications solution designed to work with companies of all sizes, in multiple locations, and with a dispersed workforce that is both collaborative and mobile.

A telephone system that caters to different business sizes

The RingCentral business phone system provides the same level of service, reliability, and advanced technology to companies of all sizes. Smaller companies should not have to settle for basic telephone systems that lack advanced features just because they are just starting up. Conversely, larger, more established companies should not have to burden themselves with more expensive options in order to use features and capabilities that keep them competitive in their industry.

Choose the plan that suits your overhead, and be able to scale up and adjust according to your company’s needs. With RingCentral, you can provide enterprise-level solutions on a global scale because of the affordable,
feature-rich, all-inclusive plans. Whether you are a small business reaching out to the community or an enterprise poised for global permeation, RingCentral is perfect for your modern business and modern workforce.

Phone system for SMBs

RingCentral offers a reliable and secure phone system for small businesses, start-ups, and mid-sized businesses that are looking to transition into the global marketplace.

  • An advanced, intelligent network. The system continually detects and routes your communications along the most efficient pathway. This ensures that your clients reach you when they want to. Keeping an open line of communication for customers is key to making a name in the local market or even at the global stage.
  • An integrated suite of products to unify all of your business communications. RingCentral solutions are practical and cost-effective, so you can work and collaborate in a way that makes sense to you.
  • Connectivity that you can rely on to keep your business running. You don’t need to spend hours of training to make the most out of your phone system; focus on your business, and we’ll make sure that you stay connected, no matter what industry you’re in.
A business phone system for your small or medium sized business

Phone system for enterprises

With a collection of cloud communications features, you can connect different offices and drive collaboration among employees from different locations. With RingCentral, you can foster a multinational workplace and create competitive global teams.

  • A level of stability ensured only by technology built from the ground up. Get high-level security for all of your calls. Every call is protected with end-to-end encryption, no matter what device starts the call. Have the confidence to conduct business with major clients, both in and out of the office.
  • The most complete, highest-quality customer experience. RingCentral is known for the ease of its intuitive product interface, in the dedication of its top-rated support teams, and in the clarity of its high-definition voice calls—unsurpassed in the industry.
  • A phone system that grows and expands with you. You don’t need to drastically change your plans or worry about additional maintenance and equipment costs. Get a communication solution that helps you scale up with ease.
A business phone system for your enterprise

A flexible hosted phone system for the modern workforce

Today’s modern workforce is no longer restricted by office walls and cubicles. With companies adopting BYOD and putting emphasis on mobility, more and more employees take their work with them through their mobile devices. Modern businesses need a flexible phone system that can
keep up with the modern workforce’s mobile lifestyle while keeping them connected to the company.

Efficiency with emphasis on mobility

Let your office phone system travel with you and your workforce through RingCentral mobile apps for iOS® and Android™ mobile devices, or any internet-connected laptop via RingCentral Desktop apps for PC or Mac.

This also allows your company to implement a BYOD policy that lets your employees perform their jobs using their own devices.

Mobile and efficient phone system for business

Drive collaboration for multiple locations
and dispersed workforce

RingCentral offers phone system features that give your dispersed workforce intelligent collaboration tools, so they can hold audio and video conferences, share files, and manage projects from anywhere in the world.

This can help you build a culture of collaboration even if your company is operating in multiple locations and has a distributed workforce. With RingCentral, distance is no longer an obstacle to collaboration.

Easy collaboration across multiple locations and among dispersed workforce

Integrations with productivity applications

If you are using Microsoft Office 365™, Google for Work, or other popular business applications, then you will love that RingCentral lets you add communication capabilities from within these applications. Now you can make a call, send fax or text, or set up a conference call directly from within the productivity tools you are already using.

By simply integrating RingCentral Office and your favorite business applications, you are improving communications efficiency, which in turn lets you save more time and money.

RingCentral integrates with business applications like Zendesk, Outlook, Office 365, Salesforce, and Box

Why companies of all sizes choose RingCentral
as their business phone system

Affordable business phone system


RingCentral’s transparent, all-inclusive pricing takes the guesswork out of monthly service bills. Get a robust and versatile business telephone solution without hidden fees or add-ons for equipment or maintenance costs.

Secure and reliable cloud-based phone system

Security and reliability

RingCentral’s cloud phone solution has built-in redundancy to keep your data safe and ensure automatic failover in the event of an outage. Geographically dispersed data centers provide redundant layers of security, including the perimeter, the service delivery layer, and the SSL-encoded web applications.

Scalable phone system for changing business needs


RingCentral enables you to scale up or down with ease to suit your needs or the seasonality of your business. With a business phone system from RingCentral, there is always roomfor upgrades.

User-friendly system for all sorts of business

Ease of use

RingCentral desk phones arrive preconfigured, and the desktop application’s intuitive menu helps users get familiarized with the system fast. Choose from a multitude of integrated applications, including Microsoft Office 365 and Google for Work, so that you can work using tools that you are already familiar with.

Efficient reporting for performance enhancement opportunities

Efficient data collection and reporting

Easily gain insight on your company’s usage of the RingCentral phone system and use this data to further improve business performance. Graphical dashboards give you a quick view of company-wide communications, and you can use it to track productivity or improve future usage.