64 Reasons To Switch to RingCentral

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Economic uncertainty, increasing customer expectations and security concerns are just a few of the pressures businesses are up against today. The last thing you need as an IT or customer experience leader is technology adding more to your plate.

A consolidated cloud communications solution (like RingCentral) that gives you the best return on investment will make life easier. But if you’re already using another solution, we completely understand you’ll need at least one brilliant reason to switch providers. That’s exactly why we will give you not just one but 64 reasons to switch to RingCentral. Let’s get started.

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1. Reliable and high-quality voice calls

There are plenty of great things about moving to cloud communications, but what should you really be looking out for in a provider and what sets us apart? This is the first in our roundup of 64 reasons to switch to RingCentral…

Nobody wants to deal with outages or repeat themselves because the line is poor. But with less than 6 minutes of downtime a year and high-quality voice calls, you don’t have to worry.

2. Reliable voice that covers you even during other providers’ outages

Imagine not being able to answer customer calls or call your team for hours at a time. Outages come up time and time again and can impact businesses so severely.

That’s why it’s vital to have a voice solution with less than 6 mins of downtime a year. But you also need a provider that can integrate with other solutions, so even when they let you down, your business won’t suffer.

3. End-to-end encryption across messaging, video and phone

With 31% of businesses experiencing cybersecurity breaches every week in 2023, you’ll need extra layers of security to keep communications data safe and secure in 2024.

If your cloud communications provider is worth its weight, then it should offer advanced security options like end-to-end encryption (E2EE).

Top tip: Look out for providers offering E2EE across calls, messages and meetings.

4. Integration with popular business apps, including 300+ pre-built integrations

People waste 62 days a year switching apps at work. Also known as the toggle tax.

But there’s a way to tackle this….connecting all your business apps with smart integrations.

With the right cloud communications provider, your team can access all the apps they use in one place. So, for example, an integration that helps your sales team call directly from their Salesforce accounts.

5. Video conferencing that supports large meetings and webinars

Working remote or hybrid is the norm these days. But do you have a video solution that gives you everything for these ways of working? Power productivity and help your teams work from anywhere with a video meeting solution that’s AI-powered, supports large meetings and offers a webinar solution.

6. Provides real-time analytics for informed decision-making

Top reasons why IT and CX leaders should invest in real-time communication analytics? Without it, there’s limited or no visibility into where issues come from our how to fix them. Customer service managers can live monitor call queues and reallocate resources there and then.

Keep an eye out for this in a provider. If it’s not available, then consider other options.

7. Offers a market leading solution in UCaaS and CCaaS

There are plenty of benefits of integrating your contact centre with the rest of your business.

  1. Up to 211% ROI
  2. Savings on legacy systems and agent training
  3. Improved customer and employee experience
  4. More informed decision-making

When you go for a leading cloud communications provider, you’ll reap even more benefits when you combine UCaaS and CCaaS.

8. AI-first communications you can trust

AI is transforming business communications as we know it, and this will continue over the years. Here’s how organisations are already benefitting from trusted, AI-first communications…

Gaining a greater understanding of customer needs to improve interactions.
Using voice conversation data and insights to improve productivity.
Saving time and money with tools that take the admin load off of teams.

That’s all for now! Come back next week for the next eight reasons.

9. Global presence ensures reliable international communication

Working across regions can open up new opportunities, but being geographically spread out tends to create barriers that can interfere with operations. That’s why it’s so important to have tools that help your business thrive. A reliable, cloud-based communication solution that’s available everywhere (and in every language) you do business is always going to be the best option.

10. User management features that simplify admin

When it comes to keeping company productivity flowing, IT admins have a lot on their plate, and communications tools shouldn’t add to the IT burden. Top tip? Look out for a solution that lightens your load with simple admin features like creating, managing, and securing team communications and file sharing – all within a central portal. It’s also a good idea to find a tool that monitors everything and gives you the option to set up fully customisable alerts so you know the moment an issue arises.

11. Voice and 20+ digital channels at the lowest cost of ownership

There are plenty of benefits of consolidating voice and 20+ digital channels.

  1. Reduce infrastructure
  2. Simplify maintenance
  3. Enhance scalability

This ultimately improves customer service, but also lowers your total cost of ownership. Not many cloud communications providers offer this in their solutions.

12. Compliance with CCS Network Services 3 and C5 frameworks

Cyber attacks have increased over the years and have always presented a huge challenge for businesses. As more organisations than ever continue to settle in to hybrid working, how can they keep communications data safe and secure? The key is adopting UCaaS and CCaaS tools that prove commitment to data security. You can spot this by looking for compliance with various frameworks and other third-party validation.

Visit our trust centre for more information.

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13. Strong analytics capabilities for smarter decision-making

Analytics tools are so important to businesses today for many reasons. One of the biggest of these reasons is that the data in your communications platform can be used to drive operational efficiencies and improve business decisions. But not all UCaaS and CCaaS vendors are created equal when it comes to analytics capabilities. Some don’t retain enough history and others don’t have enough flexibility to share meaningful insights.

Learn why RingCentral is an analytics leader.

14. Support across desktop, mobile and many hardware devices

When it comes to your phone, video, messaging and any other communication solution, comprehensive support across platforms is vital to ensuring seamless communication experiences. Whether users are on their desktop, mobile device, or using their desk phone, robust assistance is essential. Look out for strong levels of support when choosing your solution.

15. Intuitive messaging with pinning, forwarding & bookmarking

Collaboration is the centre of all businesses. But without the right tools to keep collaboration going, silos and miscommunication happen often. That’s why a communication solution that offers all the bells and whistles really makes a difference. Things like being able to pin messages, setting tasks and events in group messages and third-party doc sharing. All of these things add up when it comes to helping teams work better together.

16. Reactive messaging capabilities with GIFs and emoji library

Part of what makes team messaging an essential communication tool is its convenience. You can leave a message, link, or file for a colleague at any time, and they can respond when it’s convenient for them.

The problem is, messaging has always lacked one critical element: the ability to convey emotions. From tone of voice to facial expressions and body language, what teams gain from convenience, they might sacrifice in human connection. After all, 93% of communication is nonverbal. That’s why you should go for a solution that allows you to react to messages with GIFs and emojis. It sounds small, but all these little things add up when it comes to building collaboration in your team.

Find out more about reactive messaging here.

17. Organisational features like task & event setting

Another thing to look out for in a communications solution is a feature that allows you to easily schedule tasks and events. This type of feature helps to streamline workflow management and means that teams and individuals can set priorities, deadlines and reminders to stay on track with their responsibilities.

18. Collaborate easily with features like third-party document sharing

Imagine that one of your teams is working on a new project and each person is creating different documents to support that project in different applications like Google Drive and DropBox. That’s a lot of switching between windows to complete work and share information. This is exactly why communications tools should offer third-party document sharing. This means that your teams can effortlessly access and share docs in the one app. You can find out about RingCentral’s file sharing here.

19. Compliance certifications like ISO, SOC and more

With critical business decisions piling up on a daily basis, facing the huge challenge that is compliance, is daunting. This reason holds a similar sentiment to compliance with various frameworks; your communications solution should demonstrate compliance in all countries your business operates in. You can learn all about this in our compliance guide.

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20. An intuitive agent experience that boosts customer service productivity

Forget about clunky interfaces and cumbersome workflows. RingCentral boasts an intuitive and user-friendly design that empowers your agents to resolve customer inquiries efficiently. This translates to a happier workforce, reduced training time, and ultimately, increased customer satisfaction.

21. Be Where Your Customers Are

In today’s digital age, customers expect to connect with businesses on their preferred channels. RingCentral allows you to seamlessly engage with customers on their chosen social media platforms, fostering stronger relationships and providing convenient support exactly where they need it.

22. Gain Invaluable Insights

Data is crucial for making informed decisions and optimising your contact centre performance. RingCentral provides comprehensive omnichannel reports that offer a holistic view of all your contact centre activity. These insights empower you to identify areas for improvement, allocate resources effectively, and ensure your customer service strategy remains data-driven.

23. Face-to-Face Connections

Sometimes, a voice just isn’t enough. RingCentral allows you to seamlessly switch to video calls during interactions, fostering deeper connections with your customers and resolving complex issues more effectively. This personal touch can go a long way in building trust and loyalty.

24. Richer Interactions

Take your customer engagement beyond just voice calls. RingCentral’s rich messaging features, like file sharing and text chat, allow you to create a more engaging and interactive experience for your customers, leading to a more positive perception of your brand.

25. Seamless Integrations

RingCentral understands that businesses rely on a diverse set of tools. Its open platform seamlessly integrates with your existing technology stack, minimising disruptions and maximising workflow efficiency. No need to worry about information silos or clunky workarounds.

26. Visualise Your Success

Gain a clear understanding of your call flow structure with RingCentral’s user-friendly visual IVR (Interactive Voice Response). This intuitive interface allows you to easily manage and optimise your call routing strategy, ensuring customers reach the right agent quickly and efficiently.

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27. Mobile Management

Stay in control even when you’re on the go. RingCentral’s mobile admin app empowers you to make adjustments to your communication solution from anywhere, anytime. This flexibility ensures you can address urgent issues and maintain optimal performance, regardless of your location.

28. A Community of Experts

RingCentral understands that even the most user-friendly platform can benefit from additional support. That’s why they foster a strong developer community, readily available to offer advice and answer your questions. Tap into the collective knowledge of this community to unlock the full potential of your RingCentral solution.

29. Foster Collaboration

Cultivate a truly collaborative contact centre culture with RingCentral’s features that encourage teamwork and customer-centricity. Break down silos and empower your agents to work together seamlessly, ensuring every customer receives the best possible service.

30. Trusted by Customers

RingCentral boasts a 4.6 satisfaction score on Trustpilot, reflecting its commitment to user satisfaction and a positive customer experience.

31. Innovation Leaders

We are dedicated to continuous innovation, especially in AI and automation, offering cutting-edge solutions for the future of communication.

32. Superior MS Teams Calling

Enhance your Microsoft Teams experience with RingCentral’s superior and reliable calling functionality, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration within your organisation.

33. Comprehensive CPaaS Solution

Through our developer platform, unlock a powerful CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) solution to customise and extend your communication capabilities, creating a solution that perfectly fits your unique business needs.

Originally published Feb 05, 2024, updated Feb 26, 2024


    Steve is country manager for UK and Ireland at RingCentral. He supports business growth through the use of digital technologies. He has a track record of delivering value to shareholders, employees, customers and partners by building high performing teams and developing individual team members. Steve makes the complex easy to understand through great communication.

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