RingCentral Rise for service providers

A joint cloud solution that unleashes the power of partnership.

Business owner thinking what cloud communications solution is ideal for their operations

RingCentral RISE is a blueprint for cloud communications growth

Differentiate with a strategic co-branded solution for service providers that delivers seamless integration, accelerated go-to-market, and joint innovation.

Scale growth globally.


Differentiate with 5G, security, and AI.


Integrate simply and flexibly.


Digitise the customer journey.

Our platform powers innovation for global service providers

Resources for go-to-market success

The fundamental value RingCentral brings is growth, with a winning playbook for go-to-market, co-selling, and Channel Harmony.

Business owner testing RingCentral's call features

Benefit from programmatic campaigns, joint sales programs, and customer success resources.

Seamlessly break away from hosted solutions with migration tools and a highly experienced migration team.

Offer a unified collaborative communications app for message, video, and phone—an integrated solution across segments, verticals, and geographies.

Innovation for the new age of communications

Extend RingCentral’s cloud platform across your portfolio with open APIs and joint innovation programs.


Capture emerging opportunities with 5G and mobile edge computing.

Connectivity to cloud

Offer greater reliability that’s easier to deploy, leveraging SD-WAN, fixed wireless access, and security integrations.

Mobile and IoT devices

Embed message, video, and phone across devices and create communication-enabled workflows.

AI-driven MVP

Power smarter interactions with transcriptions, sentiment, and UC data lake insights.

Simple and flexible system integration

Seamlessly integrate RingCentral’s core innovation into your customer journey and unlock new possibilities for co-creation.

RingCentral’s core innovations

RISE drives Value delivery

Partner’s core innovations

  • Message, Video, Phone
  • App integrations
  • Digital customer journey
  • Simplified partner journey
  • API-centric orchestration
  • Elegant integration
  • Service branding
  • Billing & ordering
  • Support e-bonding
  • PSTN integration
  • Network integration (IMS, fixed wireless direct connect, SD-WAN)
  • Future innovation - 5G and MEC

A perfectly orchestrated customer experience

Unite the RingCentral Cloud with your brand for a flawless customer journey. 
Customer self-serve
Service provider
RingCentral team
Marketing and pre-sales
Joint ABM & BDR programs
Deal registration
Co-Selling, SE and RFP
Contract and ordering
Account activation and Pre‑provisioned devices
Customer deployment
Professional services
Post sales
Self-serve knowledge base
Enterprise+ support
Lifecycle management
Billing & Tier 1 support
Tier 2 and Tier 3 support
Marketing and pre-sales

5 reasons for service providers to partner with RingCentral


A leader in global strategic partnerships

RingCentral wins Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Award for Global Strategic Partnerships in the UCaaS Industry.

A dedicated service provider program that’s resourced and ready to go

Leverage our scalable resources to shorten your launch cycle and maximise your growth potential.

Reach ROI faster

Our people resources are here to help onboard and enable your sales teams so they are customer ready.

Streamline launch and management

Get a professional full-service experience with dedicated provisioning, activation, and logistics support.

Expand your brand

Amplify your brand identity with co-marketing that promotes the joint value of our companies.

Keep growing after launch

Take advantage of our expertise in upsell and adoption opportunities, e-commerce strategies, and strategic campaigns.


An exceptional team with strong service provider DNA

Get access to a power-packed global team of experts across marketing, sales, professional services, and post-sales. We support thousands of global customer integrations across all types of segments and verticals.

We help define your strategy, target market, and unique differentiators. We’ll help you launch solutions with PR, campaign support, and GTM-in-a-box. We win only when you win.

We ensure seamless integration and onboarding—along with continuous roadmap development and management of ongoing releases.

We provide product-specific solutions that scale to meet the needs of any size business. We offer Tier 2 and 3 support and training for your Tier 1 teams.

RingCentral's GSP team members talking to a service provider
Teams coordinating via RingCentral's online team messaging


The power of partnership delivered

Capture more markets with our flexible co-branded approach. Get all the latest features and capabilities of RingCentral, while using your own visual identity to highlight your brand.

Our custom social cards and branding elements empower you to quickly deploy content across a variety of communication channels.

Supercharge your go-to-market efforts

Enhance your GTM and gain insights into the customer experience with a proven toolkit that just keeps getting better over time through automatic updates.

RingCentral GSP team member using messaging to coordinate with a representative from Telus

New cloud business models drive growth

Telus experienced more free cash flow, faster innovation, and greater top-line growth with RingCentral.

An open platform designed for service providers

RingCentral RISE delivers an industry-leading product to your end customers that’s always evolving. It seamlessly integrates with your value chain and is built on an open platform ready for joint innovation.

RingCentral’s core innovations

RISE drives Value delivery

Partner’s core innovations

  • Message, Video, Phone
  • App integrations
  • Digital customer journey
  • Simplified partner journey
  • API-centric orchestration
  • Elegant integration
  • Service branding
  • Billing & ordering
  • Support e-bonding
  • PSTN integration
  • Network integration (IMS, fixed wireless direct connect, SD-WAN)
  • Future innovation - 5G and MEC

Message. Video. Phone.

Leverage our core all-in-one solution with a co-branded cloud app that delivers best-in-class UCaaS.

One platform with all the communication tools your customers need, including feature-rich messaging, reliable video, and globally available integrated voice services.

Get peace of mind that your users are protected and supported with automatic feature releases and security updates every quarter. 

Give your customers more flexibility and productivity. Our solutions integrate with essential everyday apps, such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft, and more.

Enable your clients to expand communication services as they grow with quick access to ordering from within their admin portal.

Send devices faster with automated delivery of phones, headsets, and everything customers need.

RingCentral GSP team member on a video call with a colleague
Interface showing RingCentral's extensible cloud platform


Flexible platform

Our extensible cloud platform provides flexible options to integrate your systems.

Enable your customers to own their digital experience with expedited onboarding, simple provisioning, and self-service tools, including cloud APIs for account creation, number and license management, and try and buy support. 

Deploy standard or custom built CDRs and near real-time tracking of billable events.

Speed up time to revenue and adoption with scalable remote onboarding and full white-glove services for complex deployments.

Empower customers with full visibility to quickly solve issues and reduce support costs. In-depth insights, with usage and adoption data, enable up-sell, cross-sell and retention opportunities.

Bring your PSTN services or mix and match with RingCentral services to holistically cover international communication needs.


Value-added differentiators

Expand your customer base with seamless services created for global service providers. Plug directly into your channels and systems to deliver innovative technologies to customers everywhere.

Make global collaboration easy and reliable with options to integrate your PSTN or leverage our global footprint.

Today’s workforce has gone hybrid, with employees working from anywhere. Go where your users do with one business number, native dialing, internet fax, SMS, seamless across any mobile device. 

Integrate with Microsoft Teams for advanced call controls and recording, intelligent call routing, and real-time analytics, backed by RingCentral’s comprehensive security and 99.999% service availability. 

Get end-to-end connectivity solutions that work with your customers' existing networks. Choose from OTT, SD-WAN, MPLS, IP-VPN, and Direct Connect for maximum availability.

Go deeper, with custom built integrations using our open API platform. With expert advice from our developer community and step-by-step guides, your customers can quickly build and deploy to suit their needs. 

Team member sharing a document created through RingCentral's integrations

Extend UCaaS across your portfolio

Pre-built cloud integrations

Empower your customers to do more with the tools they use every day like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce.

Developer platform

No code, low code, and pro-code developer tools enable rapid customisation with APIs for voice, SMS, messaging, meetings, and fax.

SD-WAN connectivity

With preconfigured RingCentral profiles, our certified SD-WAN partners offer extraordinary quality of service.

Mobile IMS / 5G integration picture

Mobile IMS/5G integration

Optimise native mobile experiences and connect mobile devices, desk phones, and laptops with one ubiquitous cloud communications experience.