Pressing the Button on Remote Working

Remote working resource centre

The rise of remote working

In the UK, the number of remote workers increased by 25% in the decade from 2008 to 2018. That rate was mirrored in mainland Europe. As digital capability transformed the way we live inside and outside of work, it shaped our behaviour and expectations. Post-pandemic, it’s anyone’s guess what percentage of the workforce will keep working remotely. One thing’s for certain – the country won’t be ‘going back’ to work.

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What are the benefits of remote working

Remote working comes with a plethora of benefits not just for employees, but for managers and employers too. With remote employees looking to make work fit around their own daily schedules, many now have the opportunity to create a working environment that works for them. The remote employee can juggle childcare and home life alongside their work duties and tasks in a more flexible working environment, ultimately restoring a better work-life balance.

Benefits for remote managers:

Remote managers now benefit from having the tools and technology at their fingertips to manage their team efficiently from a distance. Without the distractions of the office, team leaders can focus less on the demands of daily face-to-face meetings and a stressful commute, and more on guiding their team members through their daily duties from afar, delegating effectively and reaping the rewards of improved productivity.

Benefits for business leaders:

For business leaders, the benefits of remote working are manifold. Introducing a structure of remote teams means you can put greater focus on the health and wellbeing of your staff. Improving trust in a remote working environment means happier healthier working relationships across your organisation. This, in turn, means you can improve productivity, efficiency and staff longevity all while also driving down the costs of expensive office space and other operating costs of running a successful business.

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How to get started with remote working

Making the move from a bricks and mortar office to becoming a remote business can be daunting. We’ve put together some guides and resources with our top tips for working remotely to help you to hit the ground running and support your remote workers.

How to make remote working successful for your business

Looking for ways to tailor your remote business to create a working environment that works for you and your remote workers? Take a look at our curated resources on how to build best practice, introduce the best processes for a home office and support your remote teams from a distance. Here’s some blogs to get you started:

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Remote Work Video resources

Looking for quick, digestible resources on how to implement and adopt your remote working strategy?

Our quick step-by-step video guides and handy webinars give you an insight into remote working best practice, guidance on how to use your RingCentral app on the move, and useful software demonstrations so you can make the most of the tools and solutions available to you and your teams.

How to use the RingCentral Mobile App for remote working

A Guide to Working From Home

Prerecorded Webinar: RingCentral Demo

Prerecorded Webinar: RingCentral Demo #2

A guide to remote working

Prepare your business for remote work through cloud communications. RingCentral Office ensures business continuity

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Remote contact centre: best practices for managers and call centre agents

Moving your contact centre online can seem like an impossible task. With the headache of finding a solution which specifically meets your business needs and the stress of deployment and training team members on a new system, we’ve compiled all your critical resources for business planning and running your newly remote contact centre business.

Start with these blogs:

Remote Contact Centre Resource Hub

A rich resource of information all about managing a remote contact centre, our dedicated hub gives you all the tools and know-how from best practice in building call scripts and call management tips to master an omnichannel experience for your customers.

Tips for Managing Remote Employees

Managing remote teams can be challenging. Adapting to a totally different work environment and learning to adjust to a different management style takes time. We’ve put together a selection of resources to help you to oversee and manage a virtual team more effectively. With tools and solutions allowing you to use video calls, team chat and collaboration to improve remote team communication, there are many ways to manage your team even more efficiently than before.

How to succeed at working from home

Have you mastered your remote working strategy?

Our curated selection of resources helps you to fine-tune your home working schedule, find the best tools to fit into your working routine and make the most of the advantages of your remote work environment.

How technology enables companies to go remote

Your cloud communications solutions are the ultimate enabler when it comes to going remote. Take five and check out our top articles on how to make the most of technology and improve productivity while working remotely.

Here’s three blogs to start you off:

Team Collaboration Tools

Online conferencing tools

RingCentral Video

Meeting remotely just got a whole lot easier. Our ultimate video conferencing solution enables you and your team to connect from anywhere with integrated video conferencing, screen sharing and instant messaging.

All-in-one desktop app

RingCentral desktop app

Our desktop app means you have access to all the key communications you need with a comprehensive business phone, team messaging, video conferencing capability and all your contacts in one place meaning you can do more from anywhere.

Cloud phone system

RingCentral Phone

Our modern business phone system means you can future-proof your business, deliver business continuity and resilience and drive down costs with a solution you can easily scale up and down in tandem with your business growth.

Digital engagement platform

Engage Digital

The future of digital customer service is here. Our single one-stop platform helps you give control back to your customers, allowing them to build stronger relationships with you and your brand. The omni-channel approach allows you to aggregate messages from all digital channels to drive better customer satisfaction.

Contact centre solutions

RingCentral Contact Centre

Revolutionise your customer relationships with our cloud contact centre solutions. Drive omni-channel customer routing, optimise your workflows with key software integrations and streamline your agent management processes all via our intelligent cloud platform designed specifically for contact centres.

Remote work frequently asked questions

Keeping your focus can be challenging when working from home. Ultimately, be sure to focus on the patterns you find yourself falling into and recognise the things that trigger distraction. Keeping a structure and a routine with regular breaks is the key to remaining calm when it all gets too much, so make sure you plan out your day and aim to keep to the same timeline each day. Keeping track of what’s on your to-do list using an online project management tool, or good old-fashioned pen and paper, is also a great way to stay focused on the tasks in hand.

Making sure you can recreate your office environment at home is important. Starting with the number one essential: a decent internet connection, you can start to check the other essentials such as your laptop, keyboard, mouse, device chargers and (arguably most important) the software required to do your job.

Affiliate marketing, sales, customer services, content marketing and virtual assistant jobs are among the most highly paid jobs you can do as a remote employee. For more info, check out our ultimate list of the highest paying roles you can do from anywhere.

While anyone can hone the skills needed to thrive in a remote working environment, there are a few key attributes to focus on when seeking a remote job. Strong self-motivation and the ability to work independently will stand you in good stead as well as a curiosity to learn and teach yourself new skills.

Convincing your boss to allow remote working can be tricky. Start by researching and arm yourself with facts on how it could benefit the business. Start small with a trial run and plan the logistics ahead, ensuring you have the appropriate technology in place beforehand. For more information on the benefits of remote working, or for articles and guidance to forward on to your employer, our handy resource hub is a shrewd place to start.
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