Two Minutes To Understand: Why Migrate Your Phone System to the Cloud?

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Did you know that 40% of enterprises have planned to increase their budget for cloud platforms?1 In this short video, we explain why this trend has increased over the last few years, what the benefits to unified communications as a service (UCaaS) or cloud unified communications are, and how you can migrate to a cloud-based phone system.

Are you looking for greater flexibility, security and ease-of-use for your business phone system? You’re right to be doing so. Your business phone is an essential channel. Even if messaging and video meetings have become key to day-to-day internal communications, the telephone remains the easiest way for your customers and partners to reach you.

However, in an increasingly agile and flexible working environment, traditional phone systems often create obstacles. Migrating your phone system to the cloud is essential for ensuring long-term communications capabilities within modern businesses.

What benefits of the cloud justify this large market migration?

The cloud brings with it considerable capabilities in terms of flexibility, security and admin simplicity, which are just not possible with on-premises PBX. For example, thanks to its intuitive online interface, the cloud allows admin users to independently manage their phone system from anywhere and on any device.

Organisational Communication Explained
Why it’s time to migrate your PBX system to the cloud

On top of this, UCaaS solutions such as RingCentral allow you to manage all your business communications on a single platform – not just your phones. A cloud solution also allows you to control team messaging, video meetings and much more. This means employees have one intuitive and simple tool, which can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and regularly provides new and innovative features to optimise communication and collaboration.

How complicated is it to migrate to a cloud phone system?

Decommissioning your existing on-premises phone system is never an easy process, but cloud-phone-system and UCaaS providers know how best to support businesses with this transition. Many of them offer progressive cloud migration, and ensure your phone numbers are ported across to make the change as smooth as possible.

What’s more, a good UCaaS solution must be able to integrate seamlessly with the rest of your IT system. Migration is made much easier if – like RingCentral – the platform offers open APIs and a gallery of natively integrated applications.

Optimise your business communications in two minutes. Don’t miss the next episodes!

88% of employees say they are more productive if they get on well with their colleagues.2 In other words, business communications are crucial to workplace culture, especially a remote one where people may be physically distant from each other. This is why we decided to create this mini-series. In these videos, we answer some of the key questions IT professionals find themselves confronted with in relation to cloud phone systems, unified communications and UCaaS in general.

With five videos and five questions, we’ve handed over the mic to our top experts to give you everything you need to know to take the next step – all in just two minutes. 

Don’t miss the next episodes!

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Originally published Feb 08, 2024, updated Mar 04, 2024

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