RingCentral Joins Google’s Chrome Enterprise Recommended Contact Centre Solutions

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  • Companies must provide more agile digital options that can meet customers where they are.
  • The right contact centre solutions can boost agent productivity and agility in operations while also moving the needle on customer experience.
  • A partnership between Google Chrome OS and RingCentral improves agent experience and customer experience.

Today’s customers think differently about what makes a customer experience positive, and contact centres must now rethink the experiences they provide. 

Customers crave secure digital communications

Increasingly, customers are looking to connect with your contact centre via a variety of digital channels. This change in customer preferences means that companies must reach their customers where they are, on the digital channels customers prefer.

As interaction volumes spike, customers are also looking for ways to solve their problems quickly, without being stuck in contact centre limbo waiting for help. That means that companies must also provide more agile options, such as chatbots that can handle simple customer inquiries about location or business hours.

Going hand in hand is the concern on security. Opening up more channels is also opening up complexities around protection. Companies must ensure that these interactions are more secure than ever. 

Happy agents = happy customers

At the same time, agents are looking for better experiences. As the channels they must handle increase, agent experience can plummet. Further, the massive move toward hybrid contact centres has left some agents who work remotely feeling isolated and adrift.

For some agents, it was the first time that they were asked to work from home. Because the move was somewhat abrupt, many agents lacked the necessary training and tools to make that move successfully. It was more important than ever to have a quick and stress-free deployment for work-at-home agents in a way that is less disruptive. And, it is not one time. The ability to have constant safe updates in the backend was critical for agents to have better productivity. 

Agent productivity is essential for any contact centre measured on the cost of service. It was also serious because the reality is that productive, engaged agents are happier than their non-productive, unengaged counterparts. 

Agent experience matters greatly because happy agents ultimately lead to happy customers. RingCentral’s Engage Digital and Engage Voice solutions provide a seamless desktop that is simple and easy to set up and start taking interactions quickly.

Exploring RingCentral contact centre solutions 

RingCentral continues to innovate in the field of contact centre solutions to facilitate human connections. Our solutions enhance agent and customer experience at every level.

For example, Engage Voice is perfectly designed for outbound contact centre activity. It features a variety of diallers, including manual, preview, progressive and predictive diallers, customisable agent scripting to ensure the right message for your campaigns, work-from-anywhere agent access, advanced reporting and analytics to help you spot areas of opportunity or improvement. 

Similarly, Engage Digital provides everything your agents need for work across digital channels. This includes support across multiple digital channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, and chat channels such as WhatsApp, Apple Business, Facebook Messenger and Google Business Messages. There’s also intelligent routing that leverages AI and machine learning to route contacts to the right agent every time and social media review aggregation to help you spot trends and opportunities. Finally, Engage Digital also enables you to identify ambassadors and detractors while boosting sales with analytics that track volume, activity, and quality across every interaction.

A new partnership provides more value for contact centres

In the spirit of continuous innovation and improvement, RingCentral is pleased to announce a joint partnership with Google. RingCentral’s Engage Voice, Engage Digital and MVP solutions are now Chrome OS-certified. RingCentral Engage Voice and Engage Digital are now a Chrome Enterprise Recommended Solution for contact centres.

Chrome OS is well known for its simplicity, speedy and secure operating system.

Bringing RingCentral’s contact centre solutions together with Chrome OS delivers benefits for customers 

  • Increased agent productivity with the familiar Chrome OS interface and Engage’s comprehensive agent toolset
  • More robust and compliant protection for business and customer information with Chrome OS zero-ransomware protection and RingCentral’s proactive application upgrades and secure platform 
  • Seamless deployment and easy administration from a central Google Admin console

RingCentral is excited to offer this next-level contact centre solution that enables better agent productivity and experiences, leading to better customer experiences and better contact centre outcomes. Learn more about our Chrome Enterprise Recommended Solution today.

Originally published Oct 19, 2021, updated Jan 24, 2023

Gayathri Krishnamurthy


    Gayathri (aka G3) Krishnamurthy has led Global Product Marketing and Product Management for several leading B2B SaaS companies all in customer experience (CX) space – RingCentral, NICE CXone, ServiceNow and SugarCRM to name a few. She has built and launched customer service products in multiple flavors – CRM, pure play customer service, contact center and integrated Unified Communication. Through these experiences, she brings both deep and wide perspectives for delivering enhanced customer experience.

    Gayathri is currently an AVP of Product Marketing at RingCentral and drives GTM strategy for their CX portfolio.

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