What is RingCentral for Oracle Sales Cloud?

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RingCentral for Oracle Sales Cloud

In an age where companies are less anchored to a physical location than ever before, it makes sense for them to take advantage of the digital technologies on offer. One of the best ways to do so is through the cloud. Storing masses of data, it’s a reliable and convenient tool for your business. 

Embracing the benefits of cloud technology reduces costs significantly (as alternative high tech and expensive equipment aren’t needed so much). It also provides a flexible and accessible option for employees. 

Therefore, RingCentral has facilitated integration with Oracle Cloud to bring businesses a cloud solution that’s simple to use and helps them grow. But what makes this collaboration particularly special is that it brings together all the best parts of both RingCentral and Oracle’s solutions on one platform. This means firms can now take advantage of robust cloud phone system features and high-powered computing operations in the same place. 

Work can thereby be centralised and global business communications maintained at a high standard.

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Key features: 

One of the great qualities of this RingCentral integration is that it allows users to do everything in one place. This platform model enables data transmission between multiple software products at once. It also affords businesses a high degree of customisability to choose features and apps, like Zendesk and Salesforce, to integrate depending on need.

RingCentral’s integration with Oracle Sales Cloud merges business communications with CRM (Customer Relationship Management), enabling you to increase workflow efficiency among your worldwide staff base and improve the customer experience. 

You can eliminate time wasted switching between screens to search for customer information when they call by storing customer details and making notes of their conversations and queries with RingCentral’s communication capabilities. From phone calls to SMS, every vital information is stored, and staff can easily make notes and chase up tasks. This cuts down the time and resources it takes to resolve client problems and close deals.

However, Oracle and RingCentral’s integration has many capabilities beyond this. Its key features include: 

  • Automation help accelerates growth, meaning that firms don’t miss out on potential opportunities with clients.
  • Logging new calls and details surrounding it so that agents can better understand any conversations had.
  • Finding efficient ways to deal with problems, so if issues do occur, an appropriate solution can be found efficiently.
  • Suggesting actions to solve issues seamlessly. This helps reduce stress and means clients are kept happy through every stage of a sale.
  • Sending out messages to agents to call those prospective clients back who haven’t answered an initial call. This takes the pressure off agents to remember who has been contacted and who hasn’t.
  • Logging lead calls and contacts made with Salesforce. This means if a person needs to be contacted again, their details are easy to find.
  • Sending surveys once the RingCentral call has ended. This allows you to assess the quality of the call and see if and where staff need to improve.
  • Logging new calls for Hubspot contacts. This helps employees determine the engagement levels and the details of calls.
  • Logging new customer calls for Netsuite within the phone system when clients have been contacted.

Staying up to date with digital workplace trends can be tricky. But with so many office solutions within one platform like this, transforming your business processes and growing your business is so much easier. 


Benefits of using RingCentral for Oracle Sales Cloud

RingCentral specialises in communications. Whether this is acting as a phone service for firms or helping companies optimise video calls, they make the workflow simpler for everyone involved. So, when adding the cloud into the mix, it creates a unified communications solution, including messaging services, videos, and phones. 

Because it’s based entirely on the cloud, there’s no need to install any software. Thanks to an instant setup, there are fewer complications. This allows firms to get straight on with strategic tasks and reduces the time it takes to train staff. Therefore, saving both time and money. 

 Moreover, firms can easily take full advantage of the most modern cloud communications systems when implementing RingCentral for Oracle Sales Cloud. They can access data, team messaging, video calling services or VoIP, from anywhere at any time. RingCentral services are highly accessible; compatible with any computer and browser.

 Another benefit is the call handling services the integration offers. Thanks to the high-quality APIs, multiple software applications can be used at the same time effortlessly.  

This means that not only can you dial phone numbers using the easy click-to-dial function, but the instant screen pop-up also displays caller information as the call arrives. And, when it comes to logging calls, details of conversations can be saved too.

 Using communications and saving vital customer data through Oracle Sales Cloud makes every part of a call that bit smoother and easier to handle. 

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How to use RingCentral for Oracle Sales Cloud

There are five straightforward steps to follow when making the most of RingCentral office services, from logging in to dialling out to answering calls. To make things go more smoothly along the way, though, make sure you have the most updated browser, you have set the correct number to use, and you are logging in through the browser. 

While you can access the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and use certain services through the app, it only works when logged in on the web. Once you’ve done this, log in to the RingCentral section and use your saved details to get started. Always remember to click save along the way. 

RingCentral for Oracle Sales: User Guide


Using your username and password, log in to your RingCentral for Oracle Sales user account. You will then be taken to the welcome page. 


When on the welcome page, have a look at the navigator button at the top. It will be next to the house icon and looks like a compass. Click on that navigator icon. The navigator panel will then pop up. Make sure to click on customers. It should be the third option down under the Sales section. 

RingCentral for Oracle Sales User Guide

Customer Screen 

Once you are on the customer screen, there will be a connector icon next to ‘My Status’. The icon is green and looks like two items touching each other. Your status should be ‘not connected’ at this point. 


Click on the connector icon. Doing this will prompt you to input your credentials. Enter your RingCentral user ID and password. Leave the Agent Group blank, then click OK. The application status will display as Available after you have logged in successfully. 

Now, whenever you receive or make a phone call, the green icon will change, and the two touching items will move apart to indicate a phone is ringing. 

RingCentral for Oracle Sales User Guide Connecting

Answer the Customer Call 

There are two ways to answer a call from here. You can use a RingCentral Softphone App for Windows or Softphone App for Mac to answer the call. Or you can use RingCentral Deskphone to receive the call.

After the call, you will be offered the option to make notes on it from Oracle Sales. This will come as a Wrap Up Task pop-up and gives you the chance to write the description and outcome of the call. 

Because there’s an option to add people, record the call, and even transfer it, it’s convenient to use RingCentral for Oracle Sales as part of a client call or team conferencing call. 

RingCentral for Oracle Sales FAQs-768

Oracle Sales Cloud Integration FAQs

Q: Which operating systems are supported by RingCentral for Oracle Sales?

 A: These are the following Operating Systems that are supported:

  • Mac OS X Mountain Lion and above
  • Windows XP, 7, 8 and above

Q: Which browsers are supported by RingCentral for Oracle Sales? 

 A: The following browsers are supported:

  • Safari 6.0.5 and above – Mac
  • Internet Explorer 10, 11 and above – Windows
  • Chrome 30 and above – Windows and Mac
  • Firefox 25 and above – Windows and Mac

Q: Can RingCentral for Oracle Sales be used across multiple “orgs”? 

A: Yes. For this to be made possible, contact your Oracle Sales Administrator to set it up and enable it for each of your “orgs”. 

Q: Why are search results not showing records that match a caller’s ID? 

A: If this happens, check the format of the phone number in Oracle Sales. It needs to be standardised as per Oracle Sales features. 

Q: Why doesn’t RingCentral for Oracle Sales show up when I log in to Oracle Sales? Are there special permission requirements? 

A: No. There are no permit requirements to use RingCentral for Oracle Sales. If this problem occurs, it’s best to contact an Oracle Sales Administrator to check that you are a member of the Call Centre. They can also advise on any further issues that might be causing this.

Connecting Cloud network

Using RingCentral for Oracle Sales is the perfect way to make calling easier for any business. It helps create a productive and more connected team using the best of both cloud and communication services. 

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