What ISO Accreditation Means for RingCentral Customers

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One of the biggest challenges for businesses in the wake of the pandemic has been the surge in cyber attacks. A recent study found an increase of more than 600% in reported phishing emails between February and March. On top of this, the use of unsecured remote desktops climbed by 40% this year. This means organisations need efficient cloud security now more than ever before. But even the most prepared companies have found it difficult to handle the risks that come with a newly remote workforce.

The top remote working cyber risks 

According to IT Governance, there are five critical remote working cyber risks in the UK:

  • Unsecured personal devices
  • A surge in COVID-19-themed attacks
  • Cyber attacks targeting virtual private networks (VPNs)
  • Reliance on cloud-based tools 
  • Lack of remote working policies and procedures 

All of these vulnerabilities are overwhelming for any company to handle. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to partner with technology vendors that ease the pressure and continuously improve their security capabilities. RingCentral is proud to be a vendor that provides its customers with the highest levels of security, data confidentiality, compliance, availability and control. 


Keep your communications secure

The RingCentral platform features multiple layers of security to protect your data and communications while also guarding against fraud and service abuse.

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Secure business communications

Security is critical for all forms of business communications, especially during a period where cyber attacks are more likely to occur. Our multilayered approach to security – revolving around everything from software development to access controls – shields your company from attacks. As a result, your IT department can focus on business functions rather than application security. 

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Committed to privacy on video

Given the proliferation of video conferencing this year, secure communications is a top concern for business users and IT professionals. We understand the exposure that comes with introducing collaboration tools like video to your business. That’s why the development of RingCentral Video foregrounded input from our global team of cybersecurity experts to ensure multiple layers of guaranteed security, and why we continuously invest (above industry average) in the improvement of our platform and products.

Why do ISO certifications matter?

RingCentral recently achieved three internationally recognised ISO certifications that prove our ongoing commitment in protecting our customers. The three accreditations include: 

  • ISO 27001 for Information Security – RingCentral has designed and implemented a set of controls and measures to manage risk. This demonstrates the robustness of RingCentral’s security programme.
  • ISO 27017 for Cloud Services – RingCentral extends its disciplined Information Security Management System (ISMS) to the operation of its cloud services.
  • ISO 27018 for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – RingCentral is committed to the privacy of its customers’ data.

The certifications confirm that we are managing exposure for our customers, delivering high standard cloud security and ensuring all personal data remains private. With these third-party certifications in place, RingCentral meets a stringent set of requirements around security and privacy. 

More information about RingCentral’s ISO certifications is available online.

Get details on the security and trust built into RingCentral products and services.

Originally published Nov 27, 2020, updated Mar 11, 2021


    Severine Hierso is a Director of Product Marketing at RingCentral, the leader in cloud communications solutions, and is passionate about creating value, differentiation and messaging, ensuring a better experience for customers and partners.

    She has gained extensive international product marketing, market research, sales enablement and business development experience across SaaS, telecommunications, video conferencing and technology sectors within companies such as Sony, Cisco, Cogeco Peer 1 and Dimension Data/NTT.

    Severine holds a Master’s degree in economics and her hobbies include long distance runs and travelling.

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