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Jun 30, 2021

For the past 18 months, video has played such an integral part in all our lives. With a workforce that shifted to remote work overnight, and most of the world in lockdown, video transcended from just being a conference call option to an essential tool in powering human connections. We’ve come to rely on video to maintain and foster relationships with colleagues, both old and new; engage with customers and partners; and perhaps most importantly just quell the feeling of isolation by connecting with others. 

A little over a year since its release, RingCentral Video (RCV) has become a trusted video solution for organizations of every size, in every industry. Reflecting on that progress, today RCV is the recipient of the 2021 RemoteTech Breakthrough Award for Overall Video Conferencing Solution of the Year.

RCV has helped businesses of all sizes through the pandemic, connecting their people and services to their customers. Healthcare providers were able to treat patients virtually and securely, while ensuring that the health and safety of patients and physicians were not compromised. Teachers were able to stay connected with their students while they learned from home, keeping students on their educational paths via distance learning. Employers were able to remain engaged with their employees even as they moved to remote work. We are truly humbled to be recognized for a technology that helped enable this transformational moment for many organizations. 

As offices open up, organizations are working hard to enable a connected workforce regardless of where people may be working. RingCentral Video is designed to help employees work smarter by allowing participants to not only meet with high quality video, but also create groups, share files, and to start a meeting right from a messaging thread, creating a full 360 meeting experience. Employees can also seamlessly switch between devices when on the go and convert a phone call to a video meeting. This connected workflow allows employees to stay in sync — before, during and after meetings, creating a more collaborative work environment.

As organizations think about how they can disrupt their pre-pandemic notions of workforce models, they need a full gamut of tools to give their workforce the flexibility to use their preferred mode. They also need all of these capabilities to be integrated on a single platform to optimize collaboration. When done right, a comprehensive cloud communications platform can enable people to work from anywhere and help create a successful dynamic workplace. 

At RingCentral, we are focused on building products that allow people to do their best work. One example that is most relevant to a hybrid workforce is enabling online meetings features that establish an equitable experience for all workers — whether remote or in-office. An inclusive experience that levels the playing field lets people be heard, contribute meaningfully, and engage deeply. As people begin to return to the workplace, it is also important to have the right office solutions in place, such as RingCentral Rooms, to modernize any workspace for the new way of working. RingCentral Rooms enables people to connect, communicate, and collaborate seamlessly via video, whether they are returning to the office or working from anywhere. 

By empowering these human connections from anywhere, organizations can create a thriving culture that fosters creativity and innovation. And when your team thrives, everyone wins.

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