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Dec 08, 2021

The combination of unified communications and contact center enables companies like ENT & Allergy Associates, Envestnet, and Trojan Battery (to name a few of our customers) to streamline their operations, which leads to greater efficiency and productivity. For a while now, we have been seeing a trend in organizations choosing to go with one vendor to service their entire business and contact center communications for a more seamless experience. It enables them to optimize productivity and generate greater workflow efficiencies for their business communications operations.

Robin Gareiss, CEO and principal analyst for Metrigy has stated, “Not only are companies moving toward a single solution for employee and customer communications, they are finding measurable success in doing so. In a recent study on CX transformation initiatives, we found that those using a single provider for UC and contact center saw revenue increase by 52 percent and CX ratings improved by 20percent more, compared to those using multiple providers.”

At RingCentral, making things easier and more seamless for customers has always been a main goal, and being able to provide an end-to-end solution for our customers’ business communication needs gets us closer to this mission. Our focus has always been in providing customers with the communications and collaboration capabilities they need to help their employees be productive while ensuring their customers have the best experience possible. 

Here’s what some of our customers have shared about their experiences of having a complete business communications suite under one vendor:


ENT & Allergy Associates

As the largest ear, nose, throat, allergy and audiology practice in the United States, ENT & Allergy Associates has grown its Patient Rapid Response Center (PRRC) team at a rapid pace, now handling thousands of patients’ inquiries on a daily basis. Upon rolling out RingCentralContact Center successfully, the company also implemented RingCentral MVP for its employee communications. With a single solution for both unified communications and contact center needs, employees have found innovative ways to engage that makes their lives easier, such as leveraging RingCentral’s team messaging capability to create a real-time internal help desk for agents with questions while on a patient call. 

“The thing that still amazes me every day about RingCentral Contact Center is that it’s enabling our Patient Services Representatives to handle inquiries for 1,500 different dental practices across the country—and provide a better level of service than we ever have,” said John Monreal, senior director of Purchasing and Call Center Operations at ENT & Allergy Associates. “We’ve also been able to improve our operations and team chemistry with RingCentral Video. One day you’re on a RingCentral Video Happy Hour seeing your coworkers face-to-face. The next morning, you’re texting them a question through the RingCentral app. Now they know you, they’ve laughed with you, and they want to help you. That’s the power of this platform.”



Envestnet, one of the largest providers of wealth management solutions to financial advisors, conducts its business largely by phone. After growing organically and through acquisitions, Envestnet was looking to replace all the disparate, legacy communications systems with a single, reliable solution that could support both their employee communications as well as their contact center. The company migrated to RingCentral for a seamless experience across business phone, video conferencing, digital fax, and contact center, which has translated to massive efficiencies for the entire company.

“RingCentral has been instrumental to streamlining our business operations in several ways. We’ve consolidated services for phone, online meetings, fax, and call center into one bill. We’ve become more self-sufficient and no longer wasting staff time on support calls for every change, because RingCentral makes it easy to do things ourselves,” said Jace Jones, service desk manager for Envestnet. “The enhanced collaboration we’re enjoying thanks to RingCentral is also having such a positive effect on our operations, and we’re now looking to recreate that sense of connectedness with other areas of our IT environment.”


Trojan Battery

Trojan Battery, the world’s leading developer of a wide range of deep-cycle batteries, was looking to modernize its communications infrastructure and turned to RingCentral for help. For the company, the major catalyst to moving to the cloud was the need for a better and more reliable call center platform, especially because its sales call center is located in hurricane-prone Florida. Aside from the downtime challenge, it was too cumbersome to plan and oversee upgrades, negotiate contracts, research and buy equipment, and handle internal requests just to make adjustments to the system. Everywhere they turned, they found more phone maintenance work. When Trojan Battery deployed RingCentral’s unified cloud solution, they resolved the company’s major operational concerns: call center flexibility and uptime. Because of their positive experience, they’ve since migrated their employee communications to RingCentral MVP as well, enabling them to provide a richer and better experience for employees and customers alike. 

“By migrating to RingCentral, we’ve found it easier than ever to connect with our coworkers in different locations, and with our customers, no matter where we were,” Eric Stermer, senior IT Manager for Trojan Batteries. “Because our business phone numbers were tied to desk phones, stepping away from our desks or spending time in a different office location made it difficult to reach us. But now that we can use our business phone number on any device, we can stay accessible anywhere—in the office, visiting one of our manufacturing plants, traveling, or working from home.”

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