What Unifying Your Communications Could Do for Your Business

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An increasing number of businesses are going through digital transformation. For those that need it, unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is an invaluable way to efficiently manage multiple tools and maintain excellent customer service through that disruptive growth process.

Take Auction Technology Group (ATG) as an example. After expanding into a different continent and establishing round-the-clock customer service provision, ATG realised it was stretching its telecommunications system to the limit. The company needed a new system with greater functionality that wouldn’t decimate the IT budget. Director of Operations Marika Clemow decided to replace the company’s existing piecemeal system with a single, global, cloud-based communications system.

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ATG runs timed online auctions and live webcast auctions. The company started with print publishing in the UK before expanding into digital and technology products and into the US in 2013. Auctions across their 12 verticals have included items as diverse as Princess Diana’s dresses to laboratory equipment and even a dinosaur skeleton.

With a workforce of over 100 employees, the company operates at scale: more than 43.5 million bidders view their websites, listing more than 7.5 million items and facilitating two billion pounds worth of transactions annually. ATG partners with over 1,350 auctioneers and hosts 13,000 auctions per year.

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Operating on two different continents brings its own complications, and the company’s commitment to provide round-the-clock customer service for its ecommerce portals and SaaS products requires a robust, fully integrated communications system.

As ATG grew, Marika Clemow realised the company needed more features and better pricing from its communications providers. She decided to replace the company’s existing system, which comprised different phone providers on different continents along with additional providers for audio and video conferencing, with a single system.

Marika identified several non-negotiable criteria for the new communications system:

  •   International consolidation for the best terms and rates on a single invoice
  •   Easily scalable to accommodate growth
  •   Advanced business functionality—one-stop shop for telephony, conferencing, messaging, etc.
  •   Integration with Zendesk, Salesforce, and Office 365
  •   API access to integrate data from business analytics tool Power BI

Reporting was critical for ATG. As the customer service and client services teams handle thousands of calls each month, the company needed reports to be able to identify peaks and troughs on a granular level and set KPIs. Given the scale of calls coming through the call centre, Marika also needed to implement advanced call management features such as call prioritisation, recording, monitoring, queuing, etc. while simplifying phone administration for staff, based on permission levels. Since some of ATG’s employees work from home or on the road, the new system needed to be as accessible from home desktops and mobile devices as it was at headquarters.

ATG chose to partner with RingCentral because the platform was the one that best met all their requirements and because of the company’s track record as the leader in the field. Marika recognised the features and benefits of RingCentral’s product would enable ATG to grow and support customers into the future.

The deployment went so well that we’re able to quote Marika in the project case study saying, “From receptionists to the executives, everyone is delighted with our new system. Migrating communications to RingCentral was the best move we have made.”

With RingCentral Office, ATG now has advanced telephony features such as Auto-Receptionist multi-level IVR for call routing, role-based access control to simplify management, and more. RingCentral Office also delivers integration with ATG’s helpdesk software, Zendesk, as well as integration with Salesforce and Office 365.

With the RingCentral Mobile app, employees on mobile devices have all the advanced features of the system when traveling away from their offices. ATG also implemented RingCentral Meetings™ for video and audio conferencing with screen share to increase team collaboration and improve business efficiency.

The company has seen benefits with even the simplest features. For instance, a previously time-consuming and frustrating task was the monthly collating and printing of the current staff phone numbers, which often contained errors. This has been replaced by the up-to-date and accurate RingCentral dial-by-name directory.

Supported by its new communications system, ATG is able to continue growing a 24/7 global business with an emphasis on serving the customer. Marika was impressed with RingCentral’s same 24/7 customer service philosophy, pointing out that the new system immediately began to improve workflows and save the company time.

As digital infrastructure makes it easier for business to scale without having to invest heavily in physical capacity, scalability of processes and tools should not be overlooked. UCaaS helps businesses scale in a stable way, providing the centralisation required to manage excellent customer experience while expanding volumes, products or services.

RingCentral has helped many businesses scale their communications systems to match their present and future business needs, while also eliminating excess cost. There are plenty of success stories online detailing how RingCentral’s UCaaS proposition benefits companies in all kinds of industries.

To find out how UCaaS can help your company grow without compromising your service levels, request a demo of RingCentral Office.Request a demo

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