Real Talk: UK Higher Education Insights with Dr. Gerhard Schnyder

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Join us in conversation with academic and professor Dr. Gerhard Schnyder on how he’s navigating the changes UK universities are facing post COVID-19. 

Dr. Schnyder is the Director of the Institute for International Management at Loughborough University London, England. He teaches international business and related subjects such as corporate governance, the state’s role in developing economies and many more. Like most in academia, the way Gerhard conducts lessons, engages students, runs office hours and evaluates progress adapted overnight once the UK was placed in lockdown.


In this episode of Real Talk, we discuss:

  • The shifts made in the UK higher education industry to support the new student experience
  • Hybrid and blended learning approaches
  • How Loughborough University is shifting its proposition in attracting new student enrollment
  • The value of an online university degree
  • How digital is playing a role in enhancing alumni and guest lecture engagement
  • The new dawn of higher education for 2021 and beyond
Real Talk with Dr. Gerhard Schnyder

Originally published Jan 22, 2021, updated Jan 16, 2023

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