How UCaaS Powers Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation using UCaaS

Welcome to the age of digital transformation, where agility and innovation are essential.

The concept of digital transformation spreads across numerous technologies, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, and the internet of things. However, achieving true digital transformation isn’t just about embracing the right technologies. It’s about implementing changes that transform the entire culture of your workforce.

Why UCaaS is critical for digital transformation

Unified communication as a service (UCaaS) solutions could be the ultimate way for larger legacy companies to compete with the agility and innovation of their counterparts.

UCaaS provides a feature-rich and portable way to empower your workforce with the most effective solutions for connectivity. Market predictions suggest that by 2020, more than half of all businesses will have a UCaaS system in place.

UCaaS a critical component in digital transformation
Transform your communication structure with UCaaS

UCaaS is a crucial component in digital transformation because it provides a simple, cost-effective, and highly secure solution for people who need scalability, flexibility, and versatility in their communication stack. With UCaaS, you take the pressure away from your IT team and transform your communication infrastructure into something ready for the future.

Cloud delivery supports the future of work

One of the most significant benefits of UCaaS as a driver of digital transformation is that it’s a service delivered in the cloud. As businesses continue to rely on flexibility to compete with the latest digital companies and scalability to keep functionality high and costs low, the cloud has emerged as a fundamental part of digital transformation.

UCaaS enables organisations to build a true cloud ecosystem with real synergies between applications in order to increase efficiency, productivity, and user experience. Click To Tweet

The cloud also ensures that employees can access the right technology on the go in an era where 50% of the UK workforce is set to work remotely by 2020. As employees become more dispersed, UCaaS is a way to keep everyone connected.

Simplification and consolidation

UCaaS is also a blessing for IT teams who need help integrating state-of-the-art technology into existing systems and platforms. UCaaS is designed for easy integration, providing IT teams with a better way to cater to the end users that need to be able to use multiple devices and access the same crucial services wherever they are.

With numerous out-of-the-box integrations and open APIs that allow for interoperability with almost any existing business software and application, such as a CRM system, help desk system, or productivity suite, the open architecture of UCaaS makes it incredibly appealing. UCaaS enables organisations to build a true cloud ecosystem with real synergies between applications in order to increase efficiency, productivity, and user experience.

UCaaS is useful for digital transformation in that it provides access to new and improved processes without asking you to start from scratch with a new infrastructure. Click To Tweet

Whilst traditional UC solutions offer a rather closed environment with limited integrations, UCaaS empowers businesses to break existing silos and infuse communications and collaboration capabilities into the systems they use every day, turning them into powerhouse and enabling users to work and communicate from their preferred environment. For example, your sales team can make calls directly from their CRM, whilst your support team can receive calls directly from their support desk environment.

UCaaS adoption is seamless, simple, and generally stress-free.

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Ease of management and ease of use

UCaaS supports and enhances the real-time collaboration of experts in your business without overwhelming end users and IT managers. Thanks to the as-a-service model, companies can access all the functionality they need without having to worry about managing and implementing infrastructure on-premises. Here at RingCentral, our UCaaS service sets users up with everything from telephony to team collaboration, instant messaging, contact centre functionalities, and more—all without unnecessary complexity.

UCaaS communications solution
UCaaS provides an all-in-one solution.

UCaaS provides an all-in-one solution for unified communications, keeping your productivity levels high while your in-house management requirements and costs remain low.

Open architecture and integration with other systems

Finally, one of the main reasons that UCaaS is so useful for digital transformation is that it provides you with access to new and business process automation without asking you to start from scratch with a new infrastructure. UCaaS comes with an open architecture and APIs so that it fits naturally into your existing technology stack.

It’s time to transform with UCaaS

As the technology available in the communication environment continues to evolve, UCaaS offers instant agility for modern brands. With UCaaS, you can access flexibility, scalability, and functionality for team members across the globe.

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Originally published Aug 23, 2018, updated Jan 17, 2023

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