The Five Pillars of Cloud Migration

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Graham Calder interview at CC Expo: Virtually Together

If you’re considering cloud adoption for your business, don’t miss this conversation with Graham Calder.

A common theme in the digital transformation discussion is that technology isn’t something that’s thrown into a business and immediately makes an improvement. The point of technology is to enable higher productivity and better workflows and to help make a business more competitive. That opportunity is ever more important in today’s economy of tight margins and saturated markets.

It’s important to approach cloud adoption, therefore, as an enabler of change. Businesses that are responsive and willing to change stand to gain more – or at least lose less – in fluid markets among evolving opportunities.

This is one of the points Graham makes in his discussion with UC Today’s Rob Scott at RingCentral’s CC Expo: Virtually Together event in April. The virtual expo brought to light the practical applications of cloud communications and contact centre and the tangible benefits they can bring to businesses.

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In this video, Digital Enablement Advisor Graham Calder discusses the five key stages of moving your business to the cloud. Beginning with the importance of business strategy in making a change, Graham explains how digital change managers must ensure the transition to cloud aligns with a business’s strategic goals over a ten-year period or even longer.

'Any technological change has to start with what the business is trying to achieve and where it's trying to go.' – Graham Calder at CC Expo: Virtually Together Click To Tweet

Using the coronavirus pandemic as an example, Graham highlights the need for a permanent state of agility and responsiveness as an integral part of the adoption of new technology.

Graham’s interview is essential viewing for any CIOs, CTOs or business leaders wanting to harness technology to enable their workforce and future-proof their business.

Interview in full

If you’d like to hear Graham’s premise in detail, you can watch the full interview here:

Find out what a complete UCaaS solution with enterprise VoIP capabilities can do for your business.

Originally published Jun 17, 2020, updated Jan 16, 2023

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