Ringside: Insider Interview with Jason Lane

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Ringside Interview Jason Lane

In this series of posts, we’re talking to our own leaders to get insights into the challenges and solutions of the telecommunications industry.

Today we’re with Jason Lane, HR Business Partner for EMEA. An energetic, driven and pragmatic professional from Dublin, Jason moved to the UK following his graduation as a mature student with a BSc in Human Resources Management from Dublin Institute of Technology.

Before Jason transitioned into the HR field twelve years ago, he was a performing arts teacher at a rapidly-growing school that had no HR infrastructure, so he built an HR function whilst studying for his degree at night school. Jason has since worked in an HR capacity in the medical, finance, hospitality, broadcasting and sales & marketing sectors.

Jason joined RingCentral in August 2018 to take responsibility for supporting employees in London, Dublin, Paris, Sweden, Germany, Sydney and Singapore. Over the last six months, he has onboarded 180 employees throughout the region, and is in for a busy year as we continue to scale up in EMEA throughout 2020.

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Jason, what’s your role and what do you love about your job?

One of my main responsibilities is to work closely with our business leaders to enhance our workforce performance, foster and nurture strategic people enablers such as talent, leadership and culture, and develop people solutions, to achieve our organisation’s objectives.

I enjoy the RingCentral culture and how we support one another as one team. We have a flat structure regardless of job titles, there’s an open door policy and support is always on hand. We’re empowered to be creative, to always think outside the box and to be unafraid of taking risks. Every employee has a voice and the business is successful because we actively listen to our people. 

I enjoy our agile method of working which makes it easier to deliver results while still being able to maintain a good work/life balance. No two days are ever the same. 

It’s exciting to work for a company that is the leader in its field. Everyone takes pride in what we achieve and we’re not shy to celebrate the success of the hard work and efforts of all our teams, and most importantly to learn from our outcomes. 

How do the tools RingCentral provides help in your job?

The product we provide is the best in the market. It makes my day-to-day tasks more efficient thanks to its functionality, and has transformed the way our HR function operates. We’re able to connect with all of our internal customers immediately, whether that’s individually or as a group. We use it for instant messaging with many project teams, we’re able to share calendars, share live updates and assign tasks, plus much more. The product assists us in bringing all of our people together, whether office-based or travelling around the globe, and has helped enhance our culture and increase productivity. 

As my remit covers multiple time zones, the RingCentral tools allow me to cover a broad range of people-related activities in every corner of the globe on any given day. For example, I could be onboarding an employee in Sydney, followed by organising and attending a corporate social responsibility event in London, then attending a video conference with my leaders in the United States. 

Another key change the RingCentral tool enhances is to have a much more flexible workforce. You can be on a call on your laptop and still stay connected as you move locations via our mobile application, ensuring the business, our people and our customers’ needs are met. 

As my remit covers multiple time zones, the RingCentral tools allow me to cover a broad range of people-related activities in every corner of the globe on any given day. Click To Tweet

How do you apply RingCentral’s Focussed, Innovative, Trusted, Empowered (FITE) values to your role?

It’s crucial we’re all aligned in terms of our company values. In my case, I know that we want to be the best communications provider globally and we want to be the leader in our Industry. To achieve this, it’s my responsibility to ensure our people have the best employee experience that we can offer.

We run surveys from the minute an application appears in the Talent Acquisition team, through onboarding and bi-annual employee engagement surveys, to growth surveys that help us track professional development. Capturing data is only one of the many ways we source feedback from our people. We look at initiatives that can really make a difference to the moments that matter in the employee’s lifecycle, and we’re always looking for ways to exceed this. 

Our people – including myself – want to see action. It’s all very well completing feedback surveys, but if we’re not proactively fulfilling our key objectives and we don’t follow through or see any change, then we’ve lost the trust of our people. The most important factor is that we all own an action plan, so everyone has a part to play and is working hard to continuously enhance our work environment. I enjoy working closely with our leadership team to ensure we’re delivering what people request and also challenging ourselves in how we meet those expectations. I take pride in being a trusted advisor to our leadership, our management and our people. 

It’s crucial to empower our workforce from a people perspective, providing them with knowledge, tools and resources whilst setting them up for success. It used to be a struggle for me personally to have a lot of remote workers because I wanted to see them in front of me. I wanted to engage with them in person, but RingCentral has turned this right around as it enables the employee to take full accountability and ownership. We want to enable our people to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in, ask as many questions as possible, see the results and the impact it makes and reap the rewards from however, whenever and wherever they are working. 

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to a business wishing to improve its communication?

I would advise any business to contact one of our sales team to find out how RingCentral tools can really make a difference to their business. If an organisation wants to increase productivity, engage and communicate with a mobile workforce, streamline processes and make a significant impact on the bottom line which in turn will enable them to attract, reward and retain their greatest asset – their people – then I would advise they pick up the phone today.

As Jason scours the sales team vacancies on ringcentral.co.uk, we encourage you to look out for more episodes in this series of Ringside.

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Originally published Feb 06, 2020, updated Jan 16, 2023

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