How To Support Hybrid Teams With RingCentral Video Pro and Pro+

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  • The benefits of RingCentral Video Pro and Pro+
  • Capabilities: Team messaging 
  • Capabilities: Video meetings 

Throughout the past two years, our lives have changed at an unprecedented level. You know the story. But now, after the ups and downs of the pandemic, we’ve started to claim back parts of whatever was ‘normal.’ 

Catching up with colleagues in the canteen, being in a meeting room for a workshop and grabbing someone for a quick brainstorming session. Going back to the office is a thing again – whether it’s one or two days a week or once a month. 

But things will never return exactly to what they once were. 

That’s because leadership mindsets have shifted – and for the better. Presenteeism is a thing of the past. Instead, work is becoming more about balance, flexibility and employees making the most of their time regardless of their location.

As we move into the era of the hybrid workplace, what will help people keep that balance and gain even more flexibility? How can workers remain connected to each other as some come back into the office, some work from home and others work from even quirkier locations? 

That’s where RingCentral Video Pro and Pro+ come in.

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How can RingCentral Video Pro make a difference for your hybrid teams? Learn more

Meet smarter 

We’re excited to announce the launch of RingCentral Video Pro in the UK, Australia and France. It’s a free, unlimited, easy-to-use solution that offers high-quality video and audio conferencing, seamlessly integrated with team messaging, file sharing, contact, task and calendar management. 

RingCentral Video Pro has everything you need to get work done:

  • Smarter: Streamline your workflow in one workspace with team messaging and video meetings to keep you productive. 
  • Easier: Host your meeting with a single click from anywhere on any device, with no download required.
  • Reliable: Run secure meetings with authenticated join and meeting passwords.  Enjoy reliable call quality with 99.999% SLA (less than six minutes downtime over a year) and HD audio & video.
  • Accessible: Whether participants are hearing-impaired, have different levels of language proficiency, or are joining from a noisy area, video meetings should be accessible for everyone. That’s why RingCentral Video supports closed captioning. The tool automatically converts spoken words into captions in real-time.

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Team messaging

Built-in team messaging allows you to chat with colleagues and external parties, share files, create teams and much more.

RingCentral Video Pro comes with a suite of other messaging features. For example, you can choose from an entire menu of emoji reactions to respond to messages or add more personality to your own messages with the format message toolbar.

When messages need to escalate into meetings, you can easily start a video call with a single click.

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Video meetings

Replicating the spontaneity of in-person huddles can be challenging. Hybrid working will make this trickier as some people work in the office while others work from home. That’s why features like scheduling meetings from a team chat are so important. You can instantly bring everyone in a team together wherever they are.

Meetings shouldn’t be limited to a certain number of minutes. That’s why RingCentral Video Pro allows you to run HD video meetings with up to 100 attendees and an incredible 24-hour time limit. On top of this, participants can join video meetings directly through their browser without requiring any downloads and can even switch from PC to smartphone (and vice versa) with a single click.

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Users will also enjoy AI-enabled features such as background noise reduction, virtual backgrounds and closed captioning. Video meetings are backed by RingCentral’s carrier-grade security and reliability, ensuring that only the right participants can join your meetings.

Hybrid done right  

The move to hybrid work is happening now. Done right, it will reduce the stress of commuting and give workers the flexibility to do their best work. 

But it’s not all about scheduling and how you’ll assign desks in the office. It’s about leading with an employee-centric approach – and that starts with the right collaboration tool.

Get started for free with RingCentral Video Pro today.

Originally published Mar 14, 2022, updated Mar 17, 2022


    Severine Hierso is a Director of Product Marketing at RingCentral, the leader in cloud communications solutions, and is passionate about creating value, differentiation and messaging, ensuring a better experience for customers and partners.

    She has gained extensive international product marketing, market research, sales enablement and business development experience across SaaS, telecommunications, video conferencing and technology sectors within companies such as Sony, Cisco, Cogeco Peer 1 and Dimension Data/NTT.

    Severine holds a Master’s degree in economics and her hobbies include long distance runs and travelling.

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