RingCentral at London Tech Week 2020

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From 1-11 September 2020, London Tech Week returns in a slightly different format. Less physical but no less present, the event promises to be a fascinating experience with lots of insights to take away. Actually, it’s more than just one event; registering for London Tech Week also gives you access to TechXLR8 & Elevating Founders and the exhibition areas for The AI Summit and 5G World.

Over 10 days and several events, Europe’s largest crowd-sourced tech festival will cover some of the most pertinent topics facing the tech sector and society today, across the future of work, diversity within tech, education, healthcare, the startup landscape and business transformation. The programme promises a fantastic combination of variety in its subject matter and depth in its insight.


With the country readjusting from lockdown, businesses are faced with the opportunity to reimagine the world of work. The way we seize the current moment can dramatically affect many aspects of our lives, from house prices to health insurance.

Now really is the time for business leaders to catalyse genuine, lasting transformation. The quick fixes and reactionary measures taken in response to lockdown and the restrictions of the pandemic need to be reappraised in light of serious long-term strategy for businesses across all sectors.

To help develop perspective on this issue, RingCentral will be attending to learn more about different sectors’ experience of remote work and their digital transformation journeys. We’ll also be advising on the role of unified communications in improving business productivity, and on how cloud services support business continuity and offer organisations big and small a way to save money.

Given our close involvement in shaping the future of work, RingCentral will be sponsoring the Future of Work Summit, one of the anchor events of the week.

Ad for Will Moxley discussing game-changer tech at london tech week 2020

Make sure you’re registered (for free!) to catch William Moxley, RingCentral’s Chief Product Officer & SVP, appearing at the Future of Work Summit to talk about the way cloud tools and services are responding to changing business needs and enabling companies to adapt to new opportunities. What does the future of work look like in the UK? What level of influence do we have over that – as employees or as employers? Join the session to find out.

Sign up for London Tech Week online

If you’re already signed up, and you’d like to have a chat with us about enabling remote work in a secure and positive way for your business, or about keeping disparate teams engaged and collaborative in a scalable way, just come on over to the RingCentral virtual stand – we’d love to hear from you.

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Originally published Aug 27, 2020, updated Jan 16, 2023

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