RingCentral Is Now Available in Switzerland and Taiwan!

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We’re so excited to share that we’ve continued to expand our global presence so more people can have access to transformative technologies across all their employee and customer experiences!

RingCentral is now available to Swiss-based organisations!

RingCentral is continuously expanding its MVP solution to new territories and we’re excited to add Switzerland. Businesses headquartered in Switzerland can now access the industry-leading reliability of RingCentral’s MVP solutions, connecting them to their offices and workforces across the globe.

Switzerland has a strong economic performance, largely driven by the services sector, with some specificities:

  • The tertiary sector is the strongest one, accounting for 73.8% of the country’s GDP.
  • Over 99% of registered businesses in Switzerland are SMEs with fewer than 250 staff.
  • The EU is Switzerland’s main trading partner. Around 66% of Swiss imports are from the EU, while 43% of Swiss exports are to EU countries.
  • The largest exports are chemical and pharmaceutical products (52%), machinery and electronics (13%), and watches (8%).

With a large presence in the services sector, Swiss businesses need to communicate and collaborate easily. Industries such as banking and tourism need secure, reliable, and flexible ways to communicate, both for their internal teams and customers.

With RingCentral MVP, businesses in Switzerland can benefit from a global solution that also meets their specific needs:

  • Language support: our apps (mobile, desktop, browser) and admin portal are configured in 18 languages, including English, French, German and Italian. Users can configure the app to suit their preferred language and administrators can configure the portal, allowing them to order numbers, and manage IVRs all in the language of their choice.
  • Admin: Swiss-based customers can contract directly with RingCentral’s Swiss entity, receive their bill in CHF (Swiss franc) and their contract in French, German, Italian or English.
  • Data privacy and compliance with local regulations: RingCentral is committed to protecting its customers’ data. We support GDPR (and CCPA) requirements and industry best practices for data breach notifications.
  • Scalable solution: RingCentral MVP is adapted for all sizes of business and can therefore scale easily. The solution can adapt to the needs of SMEs, representing the largest share of businesses in Switzerland, as well as enterprises.

RingCentral MVP is currently available in over 45 countries, providing the flexibility and global reach that multinational enterprises need. RingCentral has been helping multinational organisations across the globe connect their global workforces with message, video and phone. We’re excited to extend the reach of our MVP solutions to Taiwan and Switzerland. In particular, the addition of Switzerland expands our service more deeply in EMEA, where we already support 28 countries.

Multinational organisations can now extend world-class communications in Taiwan

​​For our Taiwan customers, we are introducing our RingCentral Global MVP Select solution, allowing them to streamline global communications with one integrated and secure service. With Global MVP Select, billing is handled in local currency, complying with Taiwanese regulations which mandate local-to-local billing in local currency.

With Global MVP Select, multinationals can now bring their Taiwanese teams and offices under our MVP package. Why is this a great opportunity for multinationals right now? Taiwan has a strong presence in the global economy, it was the 15th largest exporter and 18th largest importer of merchandise in 2020.

On top of this, the services industry is dominating Taiwan’s economy, accounting for more than 60% of the GDP. With this international presence and the importance of information technologies, it is critical for global businesses with a presence in Taiwan to simplify their communications.

With its global footprint, RingCentral enables multinationals to easily implement and simplify their business communication tech stack.

Learn more about RingCentral Global Solutions and find out how our Global UCaaS and CCaaS platform help you create intelligent, connected experiences!

Originally published Mar 27, 2023, updated Apr 17, 2023


    Severine Hierso is a Director of Product Marketing at RingCentral, the leader in cloud communications solutions, and is passionate about creating value, differentiation and messaging, ensuring a better experience for customers and partners.

    She has gained extensive international product marketing, market research, sales enablement and business development experience across SaaS, telecommunications, video conferencing and technology sectors within companies such as Sony, Cisco, Cogeco Peer 1 and Dimension Data/NTT.

    Severine holds a Master’s degree in economics and her hobbies include long distance runs and travelling.

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