RingCentral Awarded Best Unified Communications Platform in UC Awards

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RingCentral win best unified communications platform UC Awards

We’re extremely grateful and humbled to be awarded ‘Best Unified Communications Platform’. The SaaS space in general is full of excellent, innovative products. The unified communications niche in particular is highly competitive, rich in products and services, and it’s difficult to stand out.

It’s been a landmark year for cloud communications, and not completely for the right reasons. We’ve seen tragedy strike people’s personal and professional lives. The pandemic forced us all to change the way we work, socialise and sustain ourselves. For some businesses it was too much, and the losses suffered is a sad account for us all.

For others, that imperative for businesses to close their physical doors and take their operations fully digital was a disguised opportunity. The move precipitated the adoption of cloud technology, heralding the ascendancy of video conferencing. From the provider side, the challenges were in supporting businesses make that immediate transition at scale.

The encouraging result of such a dramatic shift is we’ve been able to demonstrate the value of cloud technology. Businesses have seen first-hand the benefits of enabling remote working and of including mobility as part of their business continuity plans. We hope the lessons learned from this experience will inform business strategy as the country seeks to recreate a normal life.

From RingCentral’s side, we’re grateful to have played a role in enabling businesses to continue their operations. We’ve been able to uphold this level of support due to two main factors: investment in our product and dedication to our delivery. 

We constantly strive for improvement. We hold high expectations of one another and of our product, and we push for continuous progression. We invest heavily in R&D; up-to 20% of our net profits go straight back into product innovation. We recognise how important it is for hosted services to be secure and reliable, so we invest heavily in a variety of security measures and we commit to an exceptional SLA to make sure our customers know they can depend on us.

Secondly, this award is testament to the tireless work put in by our teams back at HQ. The company’s strength is truly in its teamwork. I know professional services engineers that work over the weekend, customer success managers that take on extra hours to make sure customers have access to the services they need, and HR managers that work around the clock to run employee support and engagement initiatives throughout lockdown.

It’s genuinely encouraging for our teams’ commitment and energy to be rewarded at this kind of level. From everyone at RingCentral, thank you to UC Today for this award and thank you to all our partners and customers for being so excellent to work with. We hope the world bounces back stronger, and we look forward to opportunities for us to help that happen.

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Originally published Jul 30, 2020, updated Jan 17, 2023

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