Pushing the Button on Remote Working Across the UK and in the US

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Remote working in the UK and US

Using data from the world’s busiest job board Indeed.com, we’ve mapped the US states and UK cities who are pressing play on remote working. Over the last twelve months the ONS has reported a 25% increase in the number of remote workers; 4.5m in 2018 compared to just 3.6m the previous year.

We took to the world’s biggest job board to find out exactly what remote working opportunities were available in the UK and where they were located.

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Remote Working Map of the UK

At the time of writing, there were 87,804 job opportunities listed on Indeed.com which offered remote working as part of the job description.

Revealed: 40% of Remote Working Jobs are Full Time

It was encouraging to see that two-fifths (40%) of the remote working job opportunities were listed as full time, offering an increased layer of security and stability.

However, most of these full time jobs fell into the lower salary brackets; 38% of the remote working jobs we found paid less than £19,999 annually. Just 2% of the remote working jobs we found paid over £50k.

Location, Location, Location

Whilst it is true that remote working can be done from anywhere, many of the opportunities we found listed their head-office location.

  • South = 58,037 (66%)
  • North = 16,388 (18.6%)
  • Midlands = 7,923 (9%)
  • True Remote = 5,456 (6.2%)

Companies based in the South offer the most remote working opportunities, followed by the North. 43% are based out of London, 11% Channel Islands, and 6% in Manchester

Remote UK

Top 5 Remote Working Jobs in the UK

Here are the type of roles in the UK that are most likely to offer remote working:

  1. Business Development = 104
  2. Sales Exec = 36
  3. Account Management = 32
  4. Software Engineers =31
  5. Lettings Agent = 31

Top Five Companies for Remote Working Jobs in the UK

These are the five companies who are advertising the most jobs with remote working benefits.

  1. WSP = 575
  2. Revolut = 220
  3. PwC = 121
  4. Network Rail = 103
  5. Eaton = 98

The United State of Remote Working in the US

According to a study by Global Workplace Analytics there are 4.3 million remote workers in the US and 40% more companies offer remote working as an option than they did five years ago, but which companies are offering this flexibility to their workforce and where are they based?

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According to our study, there are 46,119 jobs offering flexible or remote working in their job descriptions.

In the US, 71% of Remote Working Jobs are Full Time

Almost three-quarters of the remote working jobs were listed as offering full-time contracts, but the salaries offered were still amongst the lowest; 74% of remote working jobs in the US paid less than $30k – fewer than 1% (0.016%) paid more than $50k.

Seniority of Remote Working Jobs in the US

In the US, it seems that mid-level and entry-level jobs have the most scope for remote working with 41% of jobs falling into these two categories.

  • Entry Level = 37%
  • Mid Level = 33%
  • Senior Level = 7%

 This is a promising sign, meaning that younger graduates or those starting to become mid-level candidates could benefit from the most flexible options around.

Top 5 States for Remote Working Jobs in the US

The majority of remote working jobs in our study had head offices located in these five states, with both East Coast and West Coast appearing on the list.

  1. New York: 1,122 (2.4%)
  2. Chicago: 941 (2%)
  3. San Francisco: 815 (1.7%)
  4. Los Angeles: 595 (1.2%)
  5. Atlanta: 575 (1.2%)

Remote US

Top 5 Companies for Remote Working Jobs in the US

In the US, these are the five companies offering the most jobs with flexible or remote working within their job descriptions.

  1. WW (Weight Watchers) = 1,420
  2. Care.com = 1,021
  3. Eaton = 959
  4. Stryker = 770
  5. Madison Allied = 542

US vs UK: Who’s Winning the Remote Working Battle?

We’ve dug deep into the remote working options offered each side of the Atlantic, but which side offers the most flexible options to its employees?

Number of remote working jobs = UK

With 87,804 remote working jobs on offer, it’s the UK that dominates remote working by offering an incredible 90% more jobs than the US.

Full Time Remote Working Jobs = US

The US is the winner here, offering full time contracts to 71% of remote working jobs, compared to the UK who offers just 40%.

Top Salaries = UK

The UK inches ahead here with 2% of remote working jobs paying more than £50k, compared to the US who offers the equivalent salary to less than 1%.

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Originally published Mar 03, 2020, updated Jan 16, 2023

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