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The original Manchester area code was a combination of letters and numbers. But when “All Figure Dialling” was implemented in Manchester, its area code was altered to become area code 061. The change to utilizing all numerals from a mixture of alphabets and numbers was done to avoid confusion among callers. This change happened back in 1966. The Manchester area code 061 provided enough supply of phone numbers for nearly 30 years.


After several years, the Manchester area code needed a new supply of numbers since the stock of area code 061 was near depletion. It was during PhONEday that Manchester and several regions of UK were granted new area code patterns. This was done in 1995 to provide a huge pool of numbers to the increasing demand of consumers and subscribers.


The former Manchester area code was given an additional digit to increase its phone number inventory. The number that was added was 1. It was to be inserted between the trunk code and the previous area code. The outcome of this new area code arrangement was area code 0161. This new area code arrangement follows the format 01X1 XXX XXXX. This is also employed in several large cities such as Birmingham and Edinburgh.


The Manchester local numbers that is paired with area 0161 is composed of 7 digits. These numbers are made up of a random set of numbers. No number is a constant. These Manchester local numbers vary from one subscriber to the other. The 1617 area code is just one of the many variations that can be created using a combination of the Manchester area code and Manchester local numbers.

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It must be taken into account that not all Manchester phone numbers start with the 1617 area code. This is because the number can range from 1610 to 1619. Moreover, the numeral 7 in the 1617 area code is an initial figure of local numbers employed in Manchester.


This is the misconception that some callers have with the Manchester phone number range. Callers that are usually affected by these wrong assumptions are those that are from outside the territory of Manchester. These callers would always dial 1617 when they are calling to Manchester. This type of scenario will not be a problem for organizations that have 1617 as their contact numbers.


On the other hand, companies who do not have these numbers would be at a disadvantage. Interested patrons that would want to contact their company would be frustrated when they have incorrectly dialed the 1617. As a result of a single wrong number input, they would now look for other companies that offer the same services and products.


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